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  • What are phrase tags?

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    Phrase tags are utilized to construct the content much richer than they appear in like manner. There are numerous phrase tags for arranging the content we require. There are some circumstance where you might want to highlight some word, include quotation, show code in various structure and so forth to highlight the content in website page. For this, we can apply phrase tags like <em> <strong> <dfn> <code> <samp> <kbd> <var> <tt> <cite> <abbr>. Some of important tags among those phrase tags are described below :-

    Tag Name HTML Tag Tag Description
    Mark <mark>..</mark> This is used to marked the textbackground in yellow color.
    Emphasis <em>..</em> This is used to emphasis the text.
    Strong <strong>..</strong> This is used to give importance to the text in web page.
    Text Abbreviation <abbr>..</abbr> This is used to abbreviate text in web page.
    Acronym <acronym>..</acronym> This is used to heightlight text in web page.
    Text Direction <bdo>..</bdo> This is used to override text direction in web page.
    Quoting <blockquote>..</blockquote> This is used to quote a sentence from another text.
    Short Quotations <q>..</q> This is used to add double quote within paragraph or sentence.
    Text Citations <cite>..</cite> This is used to add italian effect on word or sentence within paragraph.
    Computer Code <code>..</code> This is used to give programming code effect.
    Keyboard Text <kbd>..</kbd> This is used to give some indication to the user to type some text in web page.
    Programming Variables <var>..</var> This is used to highlight variable text in web page.
    Address Text <address>..</address> This is used to highlight address text in web page.


    Following example shows how phrase tag works :-

    <em>This is an example for emphasized</em>
    <strong>This is an example for strong</strong>
    <code>some code..some code... </code>
    Result Produce by the programmer is <samp>Hello World</samp>
    Show full form of <abbr title="world wide web">WWW  </abbr>


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