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  • What Cannot Be Done With The Site In The First 3 - 4 Months Of Existence?

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    This article will help any novice webmaster to prevent the mistakes that almost all beginners make. Each person who has just created his site is trying to promote and wind it up as soon as possible. This especially happens when a beginner learns that you can start making good money on your site.


    Then it happens that a brand new webmaster immediately starts wandering around various SEO forums and looking for tips on how to promote your brand new site. And as we already know, on the forums you can find not only useful but also harmful tips. Thus, without certain initial beginners, a beginner can simply divert his site to a search engine filter.


    Recently, it has been noticed that search engines have become very “evil” about new sites, so every novice webmaster should know what to do with a new site and whatnot.


    This article will be for you a certain reminder in the promotion of Internet sites.



    Step 1.

    The uniqueness of the content. Do not strive for a huge amount of content, but strive for its maximum quality. It is better to write 10 unique and interesting articles than to write 200 notes on a blog with 1000 - 2000 characters each.


    In the first three months, promote your site only in a natural way, namely, content. Just sit and write, and write again. The more unique (high-quality!) Content will be on your site, the more pages will be indexed, thereby in the future, you will get more visitors. Try to optimize the article for key phrases.


    Step 2.

    Try not to insert many key phrases into the article. In an article with 2000 characters, it will be enough to insert one or a maximum of two keywords.


    If the search robot finds that your articles are highly re-optimized, then most likely I’ve set a filter.


    Step 3.


    R advertising. In the first 4 months, forget about any ways to monetize your blog, and there’s essentially nothing to monetize. Search engines do not like new sites that are trying to start making money. First, get a site trust (search engine trust), and only then start monetizing the project.


    People begin to earn only when the site has more than 500 visitors per day. With less attendance, the income will be a penny.


    Step 4.

    Selling links. Forget about selling links on a new site in the first 6 months, or better not selling links, even eternal ones. The fact is that by selling links from your site variancetv, you lower the position of search results, thereby lowering your traffic and passive income.


    But if you have good indicators of puzomerki, then, of course, you can start earning by selling links, but not earlier than 6 months after the creation of the site.


    Step 5.

    Buying links. As already mentioned, in the first 3-4 months you should be engaged in the natural promotion of the site, namely writing content. In the first months, you should not buy links, as a quick increase in link mass can count as spam.


    As soon as the site is 3 to 4 months old, you can start buying 10 to 20 links per week, but preferably eternal. As for rented links, it is advisable to buy such links only when the site is more than 1 year old.


    So - it is worth recalling that it is not recommended to make any runs on the catalogs of sites, forums, articles, bookmarks, if your site is less than 6 - 12 months.


    Try to write unique and interesting content, carefully increase the link mass, increase the subscriber base, and the result will be only positive.


    I wish you success!

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