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  • What Are Graphical User Interface Design Activities ?

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    Graphical User Interface Design Activities-


    There are various operations executed for the designing of any GUI. The methods for any GUI designing and accomplishment is similar as SDLC. As we know that, there are few SDLC models like spiral model, waterfall model etc, we can utilized everyone model from these, for GUI accomplishment.  


    There are generally five stages which must be follow  for every UI accomplishment and designing. These are mentioned as below --


    • Graphical User Interface Requirement Gathering
    • Chore/Task Analysis
    • GUI Design And Accomplishment
    • User Analysis
    • GUI Testing


    Graphical User Interface Requirement Gathering:- The software design engineers should  have to maintain the record of all types requirements. These requirements are either functional type requirements or nonfunctional type requirements based on graphical user interface. These functional or nonfunctional GUI requirements may be considered from the consumer’s and from their running application.  


    Chore/Task Analysis:- Software design engineers examines that how many and which chores are completed by the application clarification. By which approach these chores are completed, does not matter in the graphical user interface. All chores are described in the hierarchical or canonical way. In the hierarchical style we take a main chore and then separating this into shorter sub chores. Chores furnish targets for the user interface demonstration.


    GUI Design And Accomplishment:- Once, the software designers understand all the requirements, chores and the consumer atmosphere then they designed the graphical user interface and appliances into code and fixed the GUI with the running application in the environment. Now this is personally verified by the developers.  


    User Analysis:- Under this stage, the software design engineer, observed that which types of people will utilize the newly created UI. The reason behind this is that, the software design engineer have designed the new software based on the user’s knowledge level.   

    GUI Testing:- There are several ways to GUI testing. This testing might be contain compatibility testing, UAT testing etc.

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