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  • Web Development Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

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    When it comes to technology, everything is so volatile and unpredictable. Web development is evolving day by day and getting improved than that of previous years. It is important to focus on the latest trends and techniques to stay one step ahead. Many companies, be it native or offshore web development, have already started working on these trends. It’s time for you to watch out for them if you haven’t till now.


    Here is a list of web development trends in 2019.


    Artificial Intelligence



    Artificial Intelligence is the future of web. AI emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that works or thinks like humans. It is a basis of developing intelligent software and systems that is archived by studying how the human brain thinks, reacts and works. Human and machine collaboration is capable enough to transform the web. It is also meant to prevent cyber security threats.


    The goal of AI is to create expert systems and to implement human intelligence in machines. AI has been dominant in various fields such as gaming, speech recognition, intelligent robots and natural language processing.





    Chatbots have become remarkably popular in recent years. It is a computer program or an artificial intelligence (AI) software that stimulates a conversation (auditory or textual) with a user in natural language. Chatbots are must to have if you want to have quality driven assistance to your website.


    Artificial intelligence meets chatbots and is replacing human by assisting you in 24/7 service support with minimal error log. AI’s chatbots and digital voice assistants (Siri for iPhones, Google assistance for Android phones, Alexa for Amazon) has helped in business engagement and social interaction.


    Progressive Web Apps (PWA)



    Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are web apps that have similar functionality like a native mobile application. The web pages are built with progressive enhancement and hence can load instantly, regardless of network state. It can run with a poor internet connection and is relatively low cost.


    Most of the brands have switched from websites to progressive web apps and have experienced significant growth in terms of both user engagement and conversion rates.


    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)



    Accelerated mobile page works for static content and help websites to load their content as fast as possible in mobile devices. It is recommended for blogs and news publishers.


    Accelerated mobile pages load faster than regular HTML. These are designed to enhance the overall performance of web content while improving website speed. The average loading time for non AMP pages is 22 seconds while that of AMP pages can load your website in 0.7 seconds.


    Single Page Application (SPA)



    Single page applications are web apps based on AJAX and HTML5 that interacts with the user by dynamically updating the current page. Some of the popular example of SPAs are Facebook, Gmail and GitHub. It is liked by users because it terminate the requirement of reloading the web page in use.


    SPA requests the markup and data independently and renders pages straight in the browser. SPAs runs ideally on both desktop and mobile devices.


    Motion UI



    Web users these days are becoming more inclined towards simple yet intuitive graphics on web pages. Motion UI is a Sass library that allows flawless transition effects on the user interface. It enables developers to easily animate the content.


    Motion UI is becoming all the rage these days. Developers can grab user attention and keep them engaged by making captivating graphics on web pages.


    Internet of Things (IoT)



    People nowadays are dependent on the internet in one or the other way. Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet. Laptops and smartphones are most likely used devices to access the internet. However a lot of other devices are able to connect to the internet such as smartwatches, refrigerators, smart speakers, etc.


    Blockchain Technology



    Blockchain technology is emerging nowadays and we can say that this technology is here to stay. Blockchain is an open, distributed, public ledger. It is the record keeping technology behind bitcoin. You may be familiar with this if you have been following cryptocurrency.


    Blocks on the blockchain are made up of digital pieces of information about the transactions. Implementing blockchain makes the system transparent and keep the customer’s data safe and hence different industries are implementing this to their business.


    VR and AR



    VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are the futuristic technologies that are capable of changing the ways of interactions with websites. With the help of VR, you can offer an immersive environment to the users that can be similar to real world.


    Augmented Reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view by using a camera or smartphone. It is a mix of real and virtual world which is distinguishable by the user. Whereas, it is hard to differentiate in case of VR. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Samsung are investing a gigantic amount in this technologies.





    This is one of the most important development trends as data breaches, website hacking, data theft and other cyber-crimes are growing rapidly. This is the greatest threats for IT professionals.


    Cybersecurity or IT security is the computer protection systems against theft and service disruption on software or data. Companies give top priority to cybersecurity and hence it will remain a dominant trend in web development.




    The web development industry is bringing trends now and then. You have to stay updated and follow these trends in order to achieve growth and success. It depends on you which trend you want for yourself. So just start implementing these emerging technologies and shine brightly in the international market.


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