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  • Volusion Vs BigCommerce - Select Best E-Commerce Platform for Online Portals

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    In the very simple way, we can say that IT field has brought a new revolution in the world. Internet marketing has become our primary choice and so every day new and newer technologies are covering the market.


    Volusion and BigCommerce both are certain types of eCommerce platforms that are popular for not charging transaction fees. Just because of lots of competition in the market, every new product or service comes in the market with some new features that make it popular among users. Internet marketing has given birth to eCommerce platforms.


    With the help of e-commerce platforms, people can shop more and more according to their need and power of purchasing. Both the e-commerce platforms don’t charge any amount on purchasing and on the swipe of credit cards.


    Top 8 Comparisons of Volusion Vs Bigcommerce:


    1. Both enterprise editions are good enough and carry lots of features, the only thing is that what is your demands and how you want to be tangled.
    2. There are a number of back-end and front-end features available, all features are well enough to manage the requirement of big to bigger stores.
    3. In terms of cost, usability and standpoint both the e-commerce platforms are attractive and can easily satisfy users need.
    4. Both services offer service of the personal consultant who will guide you and stay in your touch through email and phone.
    5. Volusion and Bigcommerce both offer high-quality help and support system.
    6. Both the shopping carts work in a different way and carry separate functionality that divides its functionality from the aesthetics.
    7. For dealing with the services of both platforms you need not carry any technical knowledge of ASP code or of PHP code. The knowledge of HTML/CSS is sufficient enough.
    8. The platform of both eCommerce sites can be managed very easily and its accessing don’t require any type of expertise.


    Both platforms provide a high interactive platform with very simple directives. For gaining better result with both platforms you need to understand the features of their interfaces. If you want to present your store on the internet then nothing can be better than Volusion and Bigcommerce as they are quite impressive as well as require less coding and technical knowledge.


    With its help, you can present your store in the much better way that any customer can easily access. We all should go for these two amazing e-commerce platforms.


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  • Great post! Unlike Shopify, neither Volusion, Bigcommerce or 3dcart charge transaction fees. But it's important to keep in mind that out of these 3, Volusion is the only one with Bandwidth Limits, and charging per GB of overage, which for some store owners accounts for more than double their base monthly payment.

    Volusion used to offer an Enterprise plan, under Mozu, which is no longer available, so Volusion is better suited for merchants selling under $5M per year. If the store is above that limit, or bandwidth usage is a concern, definitely Bigcommerce and 3dcart are the top solutions to look consider.
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