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  • Top 5 Emerging Tech Careers Within the Health Industry

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    The health industry is a great field to pursue a career in as a whole. Fortunately for the tech savvy, there are plenty of growth opportunities for tech careers within the health industry. Here is a breakdown of five tech career choices in the health field that offer competitive salaries and what each career choice entails.


    Health Information Technician

    The demand for health information technicians is only expected to grow. This career choice involves organizing and managing health information data. Employees in this field can expect to spend a good amount of time in front of a computer. Some health information technicians may even have the option to work from home.


    The role of a health information technician is to ensure the health information data maintains accuracy, quality, accessibility, and security in both paper file and electronic format. Health information technicians can be expected to use a variety of classifications systems for coding and categorization.


    Health Information Technician Salary and Education:

    • Median annual salary: $38,040
    • Educational requirement: Postsecondary certificate or Associate’s degree


    Radiologic Technician

    The amount of jobs available for radiologic technologists is expected to continue to increase. These health professionals use imaging and treatment technologies to produce diagnostic pictures. They also manage radiation therapy care. Radiologic technologists do not interpret the medical images or make diagnoses, but instead properly position patients for producing high-quality medical images and set the proper technical factors in the equipment.  


    Radiologic Technician Salary and Education:

    • Median annual salary: $57,510
    • Educational requirement: Degree or educational background in topics including but not limited to: anatomy, equipment protocol, and radiation safety


    Computer and Information Systems Manager

    This well-paying job position is predicted to grow faster than average when compared to all other occupations. Computer and information systems managers are often referred to as information technology managers. These managers coordinate, plan, and direct computer-related activities. They are responsible for setting information technology goals and implementing computer systems to meet the chosen goals. Most computer and information systems managers can expect to work full time for their employer.


    Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary and Education:

    • Median annual salary: $135,800
    • Educational requirement: Bachelor’s degree in computer or information science with relevant work history or graduate’s degree


    Pharmaceutical Development

    Careers in pharmaceutical development, or research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, are highly sought after and often well-paid. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies spend an average of $2.6 billion dollars over a 10 to 15 year period to introduce a new drug to the public.


    With the staggering cost of bringing just one drug to market, it comes to no surprise that the pharmaceutical development field would be in need of talented and dedicated individuals. This challenging career choice involves project management, research, and personnel management. A manager in pharmaceutical development may expect to issue progress reports that help determine when the research will result in practical application.


    Pharmaceutical Development Manager Salary and Education:

    • Median annual salary: $88,510
    • Educational requirement: Bachelor’s degree is likely the minimum requirement


    Nurse and Health Technician Educator

    The nursing and health technician field demand quality educators train the next generation of nurses. There’s a current shortage of educators and a growing need for nurses, so the nurse and health technician educators can expect to have promising career opportunities in the future. Nursing educators often enjoy flexible schedules, good job security, and access to the latest research and knowledge in the field. These educators teach students of varying educational levels from associate degrees to doctoral programs.


    Nurse and Health Technician Educator Salary and Education:

    • Median annual salary: $69,130
    • Educational requirement: Must pass NCLEX-RN national exam and certified nurse educator exam


    Pursuing a Tech Career in the Health Industry

    The health industry offers a wide variety of tech careers with different requirements and accompanying salaries. The five career options above are shining examples of the promising opportunities in this field that will only continue to grow in the upcoming years.

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