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  • Top 4 Things to Consider Before You Quote for Website Development

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    To grow your business, you should know how to write winning quotes. This can be a big challenge as you want to wink the work by getting your quotes right. Quotes show your approach to business and articulate your costs and terms for providing your products or services. Giving website quotes professionally and accurately makes a good impression on your customers. This increase the chance of getting the work.


    Before you quote

    Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to quote:

    • Can I provide the products or services asked for?
    • Can I provide the products or services in the quantities and time frame requested?
    • Can I give my customer a competitive price?


    If the answer of any of these questions is ‘no’ then you have to make sure to include conditions and disclaimers in your quote.


    But take care that you don’t undervalue your products or services or overestimate your ability to provide them.

    Things to do before you prepare a quote



    Before you prepare your website quote, consider these important steps.


    • Consider your business’s requirement

    You need to review your marketing plans to determine whether the customers you are providing your quotation matches your target audience. Look at your targets and calculate what and how much you need to make. Balance the competition, profits and costs and set guidelines to help you price product and services.


    • Understand the specifics of the quote

    You should try to get all the details of your customer’s request in writing. You can set up a meeting to capture the details or ask your client to provide them. To document all the details is necessary so that you and your client can refer to them later.


    If you have doubt about any of the requirement, ask your client to clarify them. Your client wants to be clear on what they want just as much as you do. Make a note of any details that remain unresolved so you can account for them in your quotation.


    • Don’t rush your quotes

    You have to make sure that you don’t quote too far by your means to deliver, in terms of both cost and time. Be certain about your capacity to complete the tasks required. Before committing, you must research and review the proposal and consider your quote carefully.


    • Hidden quotes

    After all these things, you should identify any hidden costs in the quoted activities. Ask yourself how the money you should spend to complete the project and afterwards guarantee that you will make a benefit at the quoted cost.

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