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  • Tips to Make Wordpress Web Design Mobile Friendly

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    Mobile-friendly WordPress sites are the order of the day. The web designers should not just focus on creating excellent looking websites, but also cater to the large number of users who use mobile devices for any Internet-based activity. This short discussion will help you with some important tips to make WordPress design mobile-friendly.


    Importance of Mobile-friendly Sites      


    Nowadays, radical changes can be observed in the field of adopting technologies. The mobile gadgets and their applications are affecting our lives. According to the reports, a major percentage of users (52.7%) was using tablets or mobile devices for the Internet-based activities in the year 2016. However, in order to go with the flow, you need to be updated with the market requirement. The mobile-friendly design of the website will help you to spread across a wider audience-base.


    Being mobile-friendly will help your website to perform better than the sites that do not have an effective mobile-friendly design. The good news is that there are dozens of tools that can help your WordPress site to make it an attractive, responsible and well-functioning website.


    Mobile-friendly Test


    It is important to have an idea about how much mobile-friendly your website is. It may look great on your device, but you also need to check how it works on the other devices as well. Google comes with a ‘free mobile-friendly testing tool,’ which can be used to evaluate your website. Check the web pages to ascertain the effectiveness of the site. Google’s Mobile-friendly Test API will be a great option to check different URLs with automated tools.


    Make Your Own Theme


    There are a number of tools that you can visit for updating your WordPress site. However, you can visit various web design consultants and ask their experts for help. Their expertise in the field can help you by their active cooperation and support to deliver you a customized mobile friendly theme..


    Use Responsive WordPress Theme


    After completing the API test, you have to imply an attractive WordPress theme. The themes will add some colors to the palette. Carefully look into your WordPress version and adjust to your personal requirements. There are dozens of elements to help you out. Choosing a rare theme does not add up any value to your site. You will have to check the demo to get the idea about which theme is matching to your needs. For example, check the important aspects like, displays and size. If you find the theme helpful, get it; otherwise, go for another available theme and do the same again.  


    Responsive Plug-in


    The functionality will enhance the experience of the website by using many responsive plug-ins for your website. This will help the user to easily view or browse your website without any need to adjust the screen size.


    Avoid pop-ups


    Pop-ups are okay for desktops, but using them in mobile devices often create a disturbance for the user. So, avoid the pop-ups in order to make the website mobile-friendly.


    These are some of the common practices that you should follow to make your WordPress web design mobile-friendly. Hope that helps you a lot.

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