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  • Tips for Scoring the Freelance Blog Writing Gig of Your Dreams

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    Working as a freelance writer can be really liberating as you get to set your own work schedules and are not pegged to a single location (workspace), among other benefits. However, to enjoy these benefits, you need to actually get some gigs. Getting great gigs can be challenging at times and every freelance writer is usually on the lookout for scoring the writing gig of their dreams – constant flow of work, flexible working schedule, good communication between the writer and the client, good remuneration, and on time payment! This article will give some tips on how you as a freelance writer can score such a gig.


    Set Strict Planning and Budgeting

    Once you've settled in this field and have done enough writing jobs, you have to adjust to the differences in the freelancing lifestyle and develop new skills. One of the most important things to do is to practice better planning and strict budgeting. It can be difficult to come up with a timetable and adhere to it when you work for yourself. However, discipline is important here because when you don't finish your work on time and in a high-quality manner, as a freelancer, you might lose many of your clients.

    When it comes to matters finances, due diligence is required. As your income will fluctuate from month to month, you need to keep track of how much money you receive from your clients in different periods of time. When you get to the situation where you have enough work, you can set the desired monthly income and the number of jobs you should take based on this.


    Change Your Work Environment

    Most freelancers love the idea of working from home, while others don’t like the idea. How one person feels about the place that he or she works from differs from another person's perspective. In any case, the essential thing is to figure out how to diversify your work environments and bring freshness to your routine.
    For instance, if you work well from your living room, you can experiment by choosing one day of the week to work from a café or park. If you work from outside, you can decide to change and work from inside the house for a day.


    Join Writing Communities


    Even though freelance writing is mostly a solo working experience, it doesn’t imply that you can't establish relationships with other writers. Doing this will ensure that you get support and find solutions to the problems that people face in this field. To survive in this freelance writing field, you have to be part of a writing community. One popular community is Freelance Writers Den. When starting out in this field, experienced writers will help you with information about where to find work, budgeting, etc. Other than the practical part, other writers can also act as mentors while you’re navigating this field.

    Freelance writing


    Continue Improving On Your Craft

    Apart from relevant industry events, it’s a good idea to continue educating yourself on matters that relate to your field. This will guarantee that you don't have difficulties in your freelance writing career and also have an upper hand. If you want to improve yourself as a writer, you should attend courses that will assist you to enhance your skills, proposal essay topics.  Moreover, you can also improve yourself by reading books, exploring new writing techniques and formats and organizations and following crucial industry blogs. Additionally, if you feel confident in a particular area, you can come up with workshops and begin educating others, both assisting them and positioning yourself as a specialist in that area. Regardless of the possibility of you venturing out of freelance writing, having put in time in building up your experience and skill set will pay off, no matter which new field you venture in.



    • Most professionals like freelancing because of the freedom it allows them to enjoy their work.
    • To survive in this freelance writing field, you have to be part of a writing community.
    • In recent days, freelance writing has become a great way for you to earn good money.
    • Nowadays, you can have a career in freelance writing that will enable you to make good money.

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