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  • Tally ERP9

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    Tally ERP9
    Tally is an accounting software which was start in 1988. In 1988 our Accounting works done by manually. All type of manual books like cash book, Ledger, Trail balance, Inventory Register, Sale Register, Purchase Register and Balance Sheet made by hand so our work of Accounting is so difficult. After the Creation of Tally our work of accounting was some less. With the help of Tally we create a Ledger in Tally and make a journal entry in Tally & find all type of Reports which are made by automatically. So All Type of Businessman use the Accounting software of Tally.


    • How to create a Company in Tally:

    ** When we installed the software of Tally, a shortcut icon of Tally create in folder of Tally. When we click on that icon by mouse, Tally window is open . In this window Tally open these option in front of us:
    1- Create Company: This option is used for create a new company.
    2- Backup: This option is used for save your Tally data.
    3- Restore: This option is used for restore youre save data.
    4- Quit: Out from Tally.
    Select the Create Company option for create a new company in Tally. A form is open for filling. You are fill that form and create your company. When your company is create then the screen of Tally Divided in to Four Parts:
    1- Information Bar: In this option Tally shows detail of that company which are open that time.
    2- Working Area: This is that area where we do our work like entries, Making Ledger, reports etc.
    3- Menu Bar: In this option Tally shows shortcut keys of working.
    4- Calculator: After the creating the company you can also use the calculator with the help of CTRL+N Key.
    Detail of Groups:
    In Tally 28 Predefine Group are available in which 15 groups are main and 13 groups are subgroups of Tally. If you want to create a new groups than you are create by these option:
    Get way of Tally --- Account Info --- Group ----- Create
    Detail of Ledger:
    When any people create a company In Tally there are Two Basic Ledger create by himself, you can also can say that Two Ledger are predefine in Tally:
    1- Cash: Cash in Hand (Group)
    2- Profit & Loss: (Primary)
    These are the ways; you can create a Ledger himself
    Get way of Tally ----- Account Info ----- Ledger ------ Create.
    With the help of this option you can create a single ledger at one Time.
    Create a Journal Entry In Tally:
    After the creation of Ledger you can do a journal entry in Tally using these ways:
    Get way of Tally -----Accounting Voucher-----Create Entry using Dr. and Cr.

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