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  • Take a Look at How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast

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    Being the best social media platform for businesses to market themselves on, Instagram is the new Facebook. With an engagement rate that is 58 times higher than Facebook, Instagram has become the most prized possession for businesses in terms of social media networks.


    In laymen terms, Instagram followers are individuals who subscribe to your profile. They subscribe to get your posts and stories in their feeds. Instagram’s user base expands over a billion people, 80% of which follow and actively engage with brand profiles.


    Instagram followers have become a metric of success on the platform. People gauge the authenticity and utility of a brand by the number of followers they have on Instagram. This is why it is essential for you to have a high follower count.


    So, without getting into further small talk, let’s talk about how you can quickly grow your Instagram follower:


    Engage with posts relevant to your niche

    When you start out on Instagram, you need to get your name out in front of people who don’t know about you yet. A number of things can be done to do this, including engaging with posts that are in your niche.


    You can find posts that are relevant to your niche by using hashtags, by checking posts of fellow Instagrammers that are in your niche and using the explore tab.


    When you’ve found posts and profiles that post content relevant to your niche, engage with them. Like 4 or 5 posts of one profile and leave a thoughtful comment on one of them.


    This is bound to get you into the spotlight and puts your profile out there for people to see. When they click on your profile (after seeing your comment), they automatically become leads for you and depending on the next point, your followers!


    Follow a unified theme in your posts

    A profile with posts that revolve around the same theme gives off feels of professionalism and looks aesthetically pleasing. It should go without saying but on Instagram, the media sharing platform, aesthetics play a major role in deciding whether people like your profile or not.


    A theme can be based on several things. You might use a standard template for all your posts or just generally make sure your posts have the same vibe.

    Just think of a few words or a feeling you want your profile to give off and make sure your posts are centric around them.


    You might have an energetic profile; you might have a soothing one! The options are limitless and up to you to decide.


    Generally, when people visit your profile, they tend to skim through posts, i.e. they hardly open individual posts. That is why a theme is needed to aesthetically appeal to users.


    Post consistently

    Posting consistently has been widely underestimated by marketers around the world in the past. There are a number of benefits of posting frequently, including increased reach and higher engagement.


    It is recommended by experts to post at least once every day. The brands that have seen the highest growth rates on Instagram have consistently posted more than 7 posts every week, which shows the importance of posting consistently.


    It is important to post content that is relevant to your audience’s interests. Content that is useful and/or relatable and witty is likely to be shared by people among their peers, thus leading to more followers for you!


    It is important to post consistently so that users don’t forget about you as a whole. Keep reminding them about your presence, thus establishing yourself as an authority in a specific subject area.


    Use hashtags

    Hashtags have quickly risen through the ranks of tools used by marketers. You can leverage hashtags to increase your followers in a number of ways but we’re going to make a personal recommendation here: Create a unique hashtag and use it to build up a community! Here’s how you can do that:


    Promote the hashtag in your posts and ask your users to use the hashtag. The hashtag should be aimed at a specific purpose, for example for showing pictures of themselves wearing your products.


    When people post their pictures using your hashtag, use the hashtag to find and repost the pictures on your own profile.


    This goes well for you in two ways, including giving your followers a sense of belonging to a community and second, it acts as content for your profile! As we’ve seen in the post above, it is vital to post consistently.


    People might tag their peers on your posts, thus getting you more followers. Additionally, their peers might be intrigued to get featured on your profile too, leading to more posts for you and more popularity of your hashtag!


    On a side note, you can use hashtags to get your content in front of users who don’t follow you right now. When you’ve used hashtags relevant to your niche, people who search for those hashtags will be shown your posts, getting more followers for you (depending on how well you’ve followed the points above)!


    Run Instagram ads

    Instagram ads are a great way of getting your content in front of people who don’t follow you presently. You can customize your Instagram ad campaigns greatly.


    You can target custom audiences and specify your ads to be shown to people who have engaged with your posts over the last year. You know that these are people who are interested in the content you post, meaning that the likelihood of a high return on investment (ROI) is high!


    Make sure your ads have the right aesthetics and carry on your profile’s theme (as discussed above). When people click on your profile after seeing your ad, they need to be greeted by a unified profile that actually looks and feels good.


    Publicize your Instagram profile on other networks

    Instagram might be the de facto king of social media networks but that doesn’t mean the rest aren’t useful at all.


    You might have users on Facebook that are not aware of your Instagram profile. You might have some Twitter followers who don’t know you’re active on Instagram too. Buy Instagram Followers and grow your Instagram Profile.


    This is why it is important for you to publicize and promote your Instagram profile on other networks. This can be a great way of transferring your community from one network to Instagram.


    So as an example if you were active mostly on Facebook and that’s where you have the biggest community of followers, mention your Instagram profile in each of your posts and in your bio, etc. so that it is easy for users to find you on Instagram.


    One useful way of attracting people from other networks to Instagram is through discounts and giveaways. So, you can advertise Instagram-exclusive giveaways on other networks in order to get people to follow you on Instagram.


    Additionally, this giveaway strategy can help you gain more followers by your existing followers promoting your profile in front of their peers as well. All in all, it is vital for you to add an incentive of the sort to attract users to follow you on Instagram. Without that, users are unlikely to be tempted to do so.

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