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  • Splitting a String in javascript

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    To split a string in javascript, we use split() method which splits the string into an array of substrings.

    Syntax: string.split(separator);

    Where separator specifies the character(s) to use for separating the string, and if this separator ( or delimeter) is found in the main string , separator is removed from that string and an array is return consisting of substrings. If separator is not found, the array contains one element consisting of the entire string.

    Eg: Below is the function for using split() method:

    function splitString() {
        var strToSplit = "My Split Program.";
        var separator=" ";
        var strResult = strToSplit.split(separator);
        for(var i=0;i<strResult.length;i++)
            alert(strResult[i] );

    Output of above function:
    strResult[0]= My

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