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  • Software Maintenance And It's Types

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    Software Maintenance:-

    At present, software maintenance is broadly approved section of the system development life cycle. Software maintenance activity will be start when any software is delivered to the client. It contains mainly deviations and renovations later on delivery of the software. Why deviations are needed ? There are so many causes, why deviations and renovations are performed, few of them are mentioned as below :-


    • Client’s Requirements
    • Market Conditions
    • Company Changes
    • Host Deviations


    Client’s Requirements:- Time to time, client makes new modifications for the new functionality, new behaviour and new characteristics in the application or software.    


    Market Conditions:- When there is any changes related market like new policies, new tax rates etc then need to update the software.


    Company Changes:- Whenever there is any need to make some modifications at the client level like decreasing of company strength, company endeavoring into new enterprise or business, obtaining to any other organization then required to renovates or updates to the running software.

    Host Deviations:- Whenever client change the hardware into higher configuration or update any operating systems of there machines or wants to change any target host then need to renovate the running software.


    Different Types Of Software Maintenance:-

    Software maintenance is very important activity to be conducted once the software comes in market. There are many things that needs to be updated according to time in the software. There are mainly four types of that depends on the behaviour of the software. These are mentioned as below -


    • Adaptive Maintenance
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Perfective Maintenance


    Adaptive Maintenance:- This type of maintenance contains the deviations and renovations applied to support the software or application up to date and adjust to the future change according to the technology and business atmosphere.


    Corrective Maintenance:- This type of maintenance contains the deviations and renovations completed in respect to proper or fix issues. These issue me be determined or accomplished by the consumer


    Preventive Maintenance:- Preventive maintenance contains the deviations and renovations to stop the prospective problems in future of the application or software. The main goal of this type maintenance is to watch the issues which are not important at present but can significant issue in the future.


    Perfective Maintenance:- This type of maintenance contains the deviations and renovations in the software to make useful it till long time period. It contains new characteristics, new consumer’s need and better performance.

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