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  • Simple Blogging Tips To Boost Your Bottom Line

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    A lot of organizations now have a blog because they understand its advantages but many of them do not use it properly. If your blog isn’t increasing your sales, you may be doing it wrongly. Here are a few blogging tips to help you boost your sales.


    Post informative articles

    Some organizations make all their blogposts about their products and services. You don’t like reading adverts and promotional articles. Nobody really likes to waste time on promotions. Don’t get it twisted. Nobody is saying you should not advertise your products and services on your blog but advertise only very few times. Of course the blog may be about the products/services.


    Instead of direct adverts, you should post informational and education articles that are related to your niche. If your niche app development, you should post articles about app development process and app developers.


    When you do that constantly, you will get a lot of visitors to your blogs and many people will subscribe your newsletter gladly. You still don’t get the catch? Here is the thing. Take weight loss programs for instance. If someone keeps posting a lot of highly informative articles about weight loss for a while, won’t you see the person as an authority on the field? In fact, you may be the one to ask the person to suggest the best weight loss program or supplement to you.


    Posting informative articles boosts credibility and when people trust you, they will not only come to you for suggestions, they will spend their money on your products. Earn potential customers’ trust first and their orders will follow automatically.


    Tie features to benefits

    If you have to introduce any product, don’t make the common mistake of hammering more on features. Rather, focus on benefits. People buy products for a purpose not because of their features. If you have to talk about features, tie them to benefits. Think of it. Would you buy a pair of shoes only because they are black? It is not likely. But if someone tells you that the shoes are black and the color will go with all outfit color, you may get attracted to the shoes.


    It is because the feature has been tied to an important benefit. Being black is the feature and going along with all outfit colors is the benefit. So, if you are introducing or presenting any product to potential customers in your blog, concentrate more on benefits. Benefits sell products not features. Features only have meaning when they are tied to benefits. App developers apply this rule when marketing their apps.


    Upload videos in your blogposts


    You also need to include videos in your blogs now for many reasons.


    Did you just say “so videos boost SEO”? Yes, you are damn right. However, always make the videos brief. An ideal video should not exceed 1 minute in duration. Your website and app developers should make provision for videos. In fact, some app developers make use of video compression applications to compress your videos to prevent them from being too heavy.


    While there are many other blogging tips, the ones outlined above should increase your bottom line tremendously when applied properly. If you must exclude any, don’t let it video uploading. App developers will never forget to include videos in their content.


    How to Leverage Digital Influencers to Grow Your Business


    Using digital or medial influencers to boost your business has been a very good digital marketing idea but it may not work if not applied properly. This article discusses tips on how to make the best of digital influencers.


    Select an influencer that can use your product

    You must hire an influencer that can use your product. A male influencer is not an ideal choice for marketing female products like wigs and female shoes. If you use the wrong influencer, you will be letting people know that the influencer was simply hired for marketing. Once people have such feeling, the influencer will fail.


    Use the right channels

    Even if you use an influencer, you may still get it wrong if you don’t use the right channel. For instance, if your audience are end users, then platforms like LinkedIn may not give good result because it is suited for B2B customers.


    So, your channels also matter. You are better off with social media. Most digital influencers have huge fan base. They have a large number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, you must include the three platforms in your campaign. App developers have been making use of social media to market their apps and they have been enjoying great results.


    Not all celebrities are media influencers

    A lot of people make the mistake of taking every celebrity for a digital influencer. This is wrong. Yes, every celebrity has huge fan base but not all of them can turn their fans to customers for you. For instance, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two biggest names in soccer and both of them are big celebrities but Cristiano Ronaldo is a digital influencer while Lionel Messi is not.


    The implication here is that hiring Ronaldo will give you a better result than hiring Messi. So, don’t just go for any celebrity.


    International influencers are better

    If you intend to sell your products or services to customers in different parts of the world, you may need to hire an internationally popular influencer. Some digital influencers are just popular within their country, they are not known outside. Those ones may not yield great result.


    Lawn Tennis is played all over the world but only Americans are crazy about it. So, if you hire an influencer like Serena Williams, your marketing efforts may not yield much sales outside the United States. On the other hand, soccer elicits passion in every part of the world, so someone like Christiano Ronaldo will fetch you customers from all over the world.


    Educate your influencer about your products

    While promoting your products, your influencer may run into questions from his fans about your products. He should be able to answer the questions perfectly. It shows that he is also your customer. If he can’t answer questions about your products, it may be counterproductive to your marketing campaign. So, it is important you take the time to educate and inform your influencer about your products.


    Author Bio:

    Ricky Brown is an energetic content strategist and marketer at App Development Companies, the platform that helps you to find best IT Partner for your app, web and software requirements across the globe.

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