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  • SEO Interview Question and Answers: Part 1

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    Hello Friends, In this tutorial I am providing you some important SEO interview question that you must prepare before you kickoff your interview.



    1. What is SEO?

    This is very basic question some interview might ask what do you understand from SEO and what are the types of SEO


    SEO stand for search engine optimization, it includes the techniques or strategies which increases the number of visitors to a websites by acquiring higher hank in search engine result page (SERP).


    SEO are of two types:
    i. On-Page Optimization

    ii. Off-Page Optimization


    2.  What is Page Rank or PR?

    A link analysis algorithm used by search engines i.e Google, Yahoo, Bing etc decide and consider the importance of a website. Search engine like google gives pagerank from 0 to 10 on an exponential scale to every website.


    3. What is SERP

    SERP stand for Search Engine Result Page.

    SERP is the listing of the search result; returned or displayed by the search engine when user enter any query in the search bar. In other words, When user enters/inputs any query in the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) result returned by the search engine is SERP.

    See more at : SERP- Search Engine Results Page


    4. What is backlink?

    Backlinks are the incoming hyperlinks from one website to another, the more backlink pointing to your website more popular your site will be also getting a backlink from high pagerank sites is important.


    5. What is Keyword?

    Keywords are very important to your Site’s SEO. For the entire SEO campaign your Keywords will act as the cornerstone. If you don’t have right keywords, you have no foundation for your SEO structure and you won’t get the desired results. Thus, planning right keywords for your website’s on-page optimization is a vital part.


    6. What is Keyword Density?

    Keywords density is the percentage of keyword or phrase appearing on a particular page of your website as compared to the total numbers of words used.

    See more at: Keyword Density


    7. What is Keyword Prominence?

    Prominence means the state of being important, hence Keyword Prominence refers to how prominent your keywords are within key elements of your web page, importantly how close your keyword or keyword phrase is placed to your title tag, and header tags (H1, H2 ,H3, meta description, Strong etc), therefore to create higher prominence you need to place your keyword near or within these tags.


    For example:
    My Keyword is “FindNerd: Social Network for Developers”

    Hence This keyword should be included before the other keywords and should be placed on top with more priority.

    For more: What is Keyword Prominence


    8. What is Anchor text?

    The anchor text is the hyperlinked text that we include in the content of the website and when anyone clicks on that text it we will redirect to the source or the link on that text.


    For example: <a href=””> Social network for Developer</a>.

    Here Social Network for developer is anchor text and is the destination link.


    Anchor text or we call it anchor tagging is important because the words in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.


    9. Organic Result or Organic Traffic

    The organic traffic are the results or page visits coming from through SERP (search engine).

    For more: How to increse organic traffic to website


    10. What is Google Bot?

    Google bots is a software or robots used by Google to crawl and index the website pages. Such as SEO Spider.



    By the time you prepare these questions, i will write more Q/A on SEO in next part.


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