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  • Ring Topology

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    As the name itself defines Ring Topology is the topology which forms a ring in network. In Ring Topology one computer is connected to second computer and second computer is connected to third computer and following the same way the last one connected to the first. There are exactly two neighbours for each device.


    Features of Ring Topology:

    1. Ring Topology uses number of repeaters in the network and the transmission is always unidirectional.
    2. In Ring Topology Date is transferred in a sequential manner that is always bit by bit.

    Advantages of Ring Topology:

    1. Ring Topology network is not affected by high traffic and not by adding more nodes, as there is only the nodes which carry tokens can transmit data.
    2. Ring Topology is cheap to install and cheap to expand in network.

    Disadvantages of Ring Topology:

    1. There is always difficulty in Troubleshooting.
    2. If we add or delete any computer from network then it disturbs the network activity.
    3. In Ring Topology if one computer fails then whole network get disturbed.


    Ring Topology

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