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  • React JS Programming Benefits for Developers to Earn More

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    The React developer salary has escalated as React JS continues to improve the way developers create web applications. React JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It has grown to be one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries because of its efficiency and flexibility. React’s popularity saw an upward shift in 2016. Angular 2 made a surprising announcement that they would not be building the popular framework with backwards capabilities. This announcement left many developers stuck in their projects with nowhere to go. React JS’s popularity increased by 300% that year, according to a StackOverflow developer survey.

    React JS has increased in popularity across many countries. As developers use the popular JavaScript library for its many benefits, the fast learning curve of React JS has helped many developers create great web applications. A popular tutorial on React JS broke down their traffic by country. With over 275,000 page views, the breakdown of traffic to this popular tutorial came from 100 different countries where people were looking for information on React JS.


    React JS Salary

    With the rise in popularity of React JS, application developers all over the world began to take advantage of this declarative Javascript library and use its advantages to improve their development projects. From the United States to Eastern European countries, React JS became a popular skill carried by many web developers.

    So, how did it affect the app developer salary? According to PayScale, the average salary for a web application developer in the New York City, NY is an average of $62,510. This is significant difference from React JS developers in other countries. For example, an app developer salary in Ukraine averages $23,729 a year, according to PayScale.  Since its rise to fame in 2016, React JS continues to grow as developers look for new ways to improve and change the fairly new React JS.

    Many web developers have acquired the expertise and education needed to use the React JS skills for web application development. Adding this unique skill to one’s resume can help to marginally change the salary. The junior React developer salary in the USA has an annual median average of $60,816. This can be compared to $47,940 in the UK and $20,400 in Ukraine. In comparison, the senior React web developer salary in the USA averages $91,811 annually. This can be compared to $56,926 in the UK and $42,000 in Ukraine.


    Advantages of React Native

    React web development is constantly working to improve and better what they offer to developers. React Native allows JavaScript developers to build apps using JavaScript only. This offers a great advantage to companies looking for mobile app development. React JS development provides quicker deployment times, shorter development cycles, and better web application performance across the board.

    React Native works on an open-source platform. The advantage of this is that it covers both iOS and Android during development. The open-source platform allows compatibility across many platforms. The reusable components of the open-source format create a consistent look and feel between different platforms. Speed, look, and functionality are all the same regardless of what system users are viewing the application from.

    In addition to the compatibility of React Native, it allows developers to apply React JS to an existing application’s code. Third party plug-in compatibility is a great advantage to developers because it creates a smoother experience and requires less memory usage. React Native is a more efficient way to develop mobile apps. Since JavaScript frameworks are the most popularly used amongst mobile developers, the front-end web developer can make mobile development changes on the spot. 


    Remote Programming Jobs

    Because of the obvious difference in salary for React JS development jobs, many businesses choose to hire developers who work remotely. There are many advantages to hire someone for remote work. Although one of the major advantages of hiring someone who works remotely is the ability to save money, another advantage is being able to hire professional web developers with more experience.

    The access to global talents gives businesses the opportunity to hire the best in the business. The difference in work ethic between countries can also be an advantage to those doing the hiring. Because many Eastern European countries hold themselves to high standards when it comes to work, developers overseas work hard to deliver the best solution for web development needs.

    There are several different types of remote programming jobs. While freelance jobs are generally reserved for one-time projects, outsourcing and outstaffing are different. Outsourcing involves hiring a development company that works remotely on a project-based business model. This means that the company is responsible for all parts of the project assigned to them from A to Z. Outstaffing is different from outsourcing because it involves hiring a person or group to do all the job duties for a company. With outstaffing, the hired person is an employee of the company who is given any work that comes in that pertains to their skills.

    According to FlexJobs, there are over 40,000 companies hiring remotely. So, is it more beneficial to outsource or outstaff. The benefits of outsourcing are that there is no official hiring involved. But, outsourcing gives the client no control over the development process. In addition, the scope of the project is not well-defined. Higher software development rates can lead to a very expensive project when changes outside of the scope of the project come into play.

    On the contrary, outstaffing has the advantage of lower rates compared to other business models. Those who choose to outstaff can hire great developers without paying high prices and taxes of hiring within their own country. The flexibility of outstaffing allows the employer to increase or decrease the number of employees they are using. And unlike outsourcing, outstaffing gives the client control over the development process and full access to the entire team doing the work. This leads to more effective communication and higher performance.

    As the React JS continues to gain popularity throughout the world, many companies choose to outstaff their work to other countries. Since React JS is fairly new to the development scene, it will continue to change. But as it continues to top the charts as the most popular mobile app development option, the React developer salary will continue to change to meet the demands of the expert skills held by these JavaScript developers.

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