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  • Razor in .NET

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    Razor is a syntax which add server-based code to web pages. Razor engine in .NET is used in place of ASP engine for running applications.


    The page contains ordinary HTML markup, with one addition the @marked Razor code.

    See the example below:

    <!-- Single statement block -->
    @{ var myMessage = "Himanshu Joshi"; }
    <!-- Inline expression or variable -->
    <p>The value of myMessage is: @myMessage</p>
    <!-- Multi-statement block -->
    var greeting = "Welcome to our site!";
    var weekDay = DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek;
    var greetingMessage = Hello + " Today is: " + weekDay;
    <p>The greeting is: @greetingMessage</p> 


    Output of above code will be:

    The value of myMessage is: Himanshu Joshi

    The greeting is: Hello  Today is  Monday


    With Web Pages you can use the @RenderPage() method to import content from separate files.

    See the example below:

    <h1>This is my Web Pages</h1>


    The output of above code will be:

    This is a header from a separate file

    This is my Web Pages

    This is a paragraph

    This is a footer from a separate file

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