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  • Not Planning for HR Is Planning for Stress & Distractions

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    Stress is a psychological problem. It simply means an unpredicted and unexpected response of the mind and body to change. It is a self-infused pain which varies in specific environments and situations.


    In a typical work environment, stress can come in when the workplace expects the workforce to produce more results compared to the capacity of the employee. Other things that can contribute to stress include bullying or harassments at work, underperformance, unclear roles and objectives etc.


    Lack of stress management personnel in a workplace can contribute to employee turnover, absenteeism and employee illnesses. In the event of workplace stressful situation, a human resource manager has to come in, and their work is to bring sanity to the system.


    If you don’t have full time human resource personnel, you can engage the services of a HR Consultancy or HR Outsourcing provider. Then if you have a human resource who is not well trained, then you can send the person to a HR training, so that they will learn skills that will enable them to remain relevant at workplace.


    How far can organizations take wellness?


    The human resource manager initiates wellness programs for the employees. These programs can help in eliminating stress both at workplace and at home. Such programs include fitness subsidies, and effective stress management that aims at saving employee’s time such as gyms, corporate cafeterias, pharmacies, employee’s concierge services, and other amenities.


    Where will business growth come from?


    The duty of a HR consultancy service or human resource manager is to ensure that employees are effectively driving business results, by keeping up with the required business strategies. To do this effectively, the human resource manager must make sure that three things are in place processes, tools, and data. The human resource personnel work closely with business executives in achieving business goals.


    Business growth will come if human resource experts fulfill their duties which include managing work-life balance, managing demographics, becoming a learning organization, managing talent and managing cultural and change transformation.


    They should also deal with the areas where they are facing issues such as organizational culture, talent management, employee engagement, replacement of retiring executives, brain drain and strategic insights.


    What competencies will the organization need?


    Research shows that by upgrading human resource competencies, human resource professionals can create sustainable value and business themes. High performing human resource professionals acts as strategic positional leaders, capacity builders, credible activists, innovators, and change agents.


    Technology helps them to handle their administrative services, and also in keeping people together. The beauty of technology is that it plays an active role in organizing administrative work more efficiently and effectively as well as in improving communications. Organizations need human resource professionals who are competent in information technology skills.


    How will performance be measured?


    People performance measurement is necessary in every organization, and the best people to do so are the human resource professionals.


    They are in the right position to equip both the executive and employees with the principles or tools they need to inspire change, measure impact and document outcomes.


    How will employee assessment be done?


    Employee assessment is essential in every organization. Your number one priority as a human resource professional is to get the best out of the employee by evaluating and summarizing their performance occasionally.


    During this performance review, the human resource manager is expected to be honest in their evaluation. This will help the employee to know that their contributions are valued, and they are needed in achieving the organization’s corporate goals.


    Will there be a talent shortage


    Many human resource professionals have confirmed that they are having issues with filling the widening talent gap. Surely, once in a while, you may experience a talent shortage in your organization. Such is a fact of life.


    In such situations, you are meant to look inward or outside to get the right talents that will fill the vacant positions. Always engage the services of a HR consultancy or outsourcing provider, so that they will continue to train your people to fill the skills gap.


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