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  • Three Ways Technology Can Boost Your Business

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    Technology is changing the world, but relatively few businesses have adapted to the new economy. That is a pity because there are so many ways that technology can help a business to make its processes more efficient. It can certainly cut down on waste and make people more productive. All it takes is a manager that is willing to delve into the world of technology and figure out which tools can help the business meet its goals.


    Go Paperless

    A single sheet of paper is cheap, but most businesses go through a lot of them. That means that going paperless has the potential to save tons of money, especially once you factor in the cost of storing and organizing documents. Paper use is also bad for the environment because it contributes to deforestation. That means that going paperless can be a great choice for both managers and for the world as a whole.


    It is also fairly easy. Set up a shared drive that all employees can access and use it to store internal documents instead of putting them on paper. When possible, use digital payment options for bills and be sure to accept digital payments from your customers. Some companies also specialize in providing services for those who want a paperless office, and their support can be useful, especially during the transition.


    Use Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage is a powerful tool for saving time and making workers more versatile. It is a type of digital storage that keeps files on a central server and allows other people to connect to that server to access them if they are authorized to do so.


    That means that people can just upload files to the server instead of emailing them to each other as attachments or passing USB drives around. It also means that they can access those files from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. That is great for people who work from home, but it can also be useful for people who are traveling on business and need to be sure that they can get files as they need them.


    This is an area where both DIY solutions and hiring outside help are possible. It is quick, cheap, and easy to set up a cloud server for internal use, but hiring a dedicated cloud storage company means that you will have much more support for your system. The choice will depend on the needs of your business at the time, and you will want to spend some time researching it and considering those needs to make sure you pick the right option.


    Deploy Password Managers

    Security must come first for any business with digital assets, including those that use cloud storage or many paperless techniques. The human element is always the weakest link in the chain, but there is an easy way to deal with that problem.


    Workers often provide access to hackers by allowing their passwords to be compromised. They also tend to use one password for every system, which means that breaching one account breaches all of them. The solution is to use a password manager. The employee will have a single account with that manager, which will store and generate passwords for every other account. That allows them to get the security benefits of using many unique passwords while only needing to remember and protect a single one. That blend of convenience and security makes password managers one of the most important components of any digital defense plan.


    The Future is Now

    Technology has the potential to save money, protect the environment, and make your workers more productive. It can be a little intimidating to make the jump to newer, technological methods in the workplace, but the rewards really do justify the effort. All you need to do is identify your needs, figure out which advances will help, and take the plunge.


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