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  • Nginx: How to install Nginx server on Ubuntu 14.04

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    Why to use Nginx?

    Nginx is the most popular web servers in the world. It is used for hosting websites and it holds highest traffic sites on internet. It is more resource friendly than Apache.

    Step 1: Installing Nginx

    Firstly update the packages and then install nginx by these commands:

    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install nginx

    You will probably be prompted for your user's password. Enter it to confirm that you wish to complete the installation. The appropriate software will be downloaded to your server and then automatically installed.

    Step 2: Check Web server

    When you have your servers IP address or domain, enter it into your browser's address bar:


    Or if you are installing it on localhost than simply write on your browser's address bar and hit enter


    If you will see above snapshot on your domain/ip/localhost page then it means that now you are all set to go!

    Step 3: Manage Nginx process

    To stop nginx server, write below command:

    $ sudo service nginx stop

    To start nginx server again, write this command:

    $ sudo service nginx start

    To restart nginx server, write this command:

    $ sudo service nginx restart

    We can make sure that our web server will restart automatically when the server is rebooted by typing:

    $ sudo update-rc.d nginx defaults

    This should already be enabled by default, so you may see a message like this:

    System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/nginx already exist.

    All done now!

    Thanks for reading the blog

    Nginx: How to install Nginx server on Ubuntu 14.04

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