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  • Most Popular Web App Development Frameworks 2018

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    JavaScript frameworks are an essential part of web development process of every Top web development companies India. It is important to have knowledge of the right JavaScript framework before thinking to build a JavaScript-based application. They essentially help in bringing structure to code, save time, allows you to code less, make use of tools and even if you are not an expert still you can develop expert applications quickly.



    Quick Pointers:

    • Angular.JS is open source web app development framework which can be used to create rich internet applications (RIA)
    • Makes use of model view controller (MVC) and helps in writing client-side applications using JavaScript
    • Angular.JS applications are cross-browser compliant – web, mobile, native mobile and native desktop
    • Angular.JS handles JavaScript code suitable for each browser.
    • Angular 6.0.1 makes the framework faster, smaller and easier to use
    • Learn to build applications in Angular.JS once and reuse your capabilities and code to build apps for any deployment target
    • Meet huge data requirements and achieve maximum speed
    • Youtube, Vevo, Freelancer,   Istockphoto,  Weather, Sky Store are some of the popular applications built in Angular.JS



    Quick Pointers:

    • Laravel  comes with three new features - Laravel Horizon, Laravel Dusk, and Laravel echo
    • Get readable, simple and elegant applications at jet speed with Laravel
    • Check Laracast and Laravel documentation for getting started
    • Homestead is the official Laravel Development environment
    • Laravel integrates stripe and Braintree that makes subscription billing painless
    • Migrations and schema builder will allow you to keep everything in sync
    • Routing, queues, authentication and Eloquent Object relational mapper(ORM) will allow you to efficiently manage your PHP applications
    • Inform customers about downtime with Cachet
    • Get Valet as a new development environment if you are a Mac minimalist
    • Mix allows you to make use of SASS and Webpack in minutes
    • Lumen as a substitute of API's is Laravel super-fast
    • Statamic is a CMS built for both Laravel developers and clients
    • Very strong encryption packages
    • Payment integration with stripe



    Quick Pointers:

    • Specifically used to build an interface for single page applications, React.JS is an open source JavaScript library 
    • React.JS is used for handling view layer for web and mobile apps
    • Popular websites that use this technology – Instagram, Facebook, New York Times, Sony, Flipkart, Khan Academy, Sony Lifelog etc.
    • It is easy to re-use the code components in React.JS
    • UI Test Cases can be easily built with React.JS
    • Debugging is easy with specialized Chrome extensions
    • It is the top-most JavaScript framework amongst React.JS developers and is growing
    • React.JS comes with a virtual DOM and refreshes only a part of the page instead of full refresh model
    • Hybrid applications can be rendered natively as it allows re-using components



    Quick Pointers:

    • Node.JS, also known as Node is built upon Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine and is suitable for building large-scale websites
    • It is JavaScript runtime that makes use of an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model
    • Node.JS is an open source server framework that makes use of JavaScript on Server and runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix etc.
    • Node.JS allows the applications to be scaled up vertically as well as horizontally
    • It is highly extensible and supports real-time application development


    Ruby on Rails

    Quick Pointers:

    • It is a flexible and enables fast website development.
    • Being stable and predictable, RoR is pretty suitable for projects in the long term 



    Quick Pointers:

    • Bunch of reusable PHP components, it is used in projects like  Drupal, phpBB, Laravel, OroCRM, PIWIK etc.
    • Suitable for building API’s, web services, web applications and microservices



    Quick Pointers:

    • It is Microsoft’s open source framework that is estimated to grow tremendously in coming years
    • ASP.Net is a high performing, open source framework that is designed to run across various platforms and can be used to build web app front end as well as back-end API's. It supports  Windows, macOS, and Linux
    • It essentially integrates various client-side frameworks and development workflows
    • It has a built-in dependency injection
    • ASP.Net applications can be easily saved on and retrieved from the cloud



    Quick Pointers:

    • The open source web application development framework
    • Built-in PHP 5; contribute to creating a high-performance framework and capable of building beautiful websites
    • Provides easy and quick web development due to the user-friendly interface and clear design
    • Is performance optimized
    • Provides some amazing tools to debug and test your app
    • Does not involve classes and objects
    • Makes use of OOPS standards
    • All professional resources are absolutely free 



    Quick Pointers:

    • Helps to create web applications in real time for various platforms
    • Meteor integrates with ionic, Vue, Angular.JS, mongoDB, npm, Cordova etc.
    • It is an open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework
    • Allows quick page loading
    • Great for creating simple websites for personal use
    • Presence of integrated JavaScript stack that extends from the database to the end user’s screen, helps in reducing lines of code
    • The code written in Meteor.JS can work across operating systems 



    Quick Pointers:

    • It is an open source web development framework that helps in the rapid development of applications
    • Follows Model View Controller (MVC)
    • Allows you to achieve more in less code
    • Makes code-re-use possible



    Quick Pointers:

    • Like every other, VUe.JS is also open source progressive JavaScript/web development framework
    • It scales between the library and full-featured framework
    • It needs a special mention here, as it is performant, versatile and approachable
    • It is adoptable web application framework and is capable of powering advanced single-page applications 



    Quick Pointers:

    • Zend is one of the open source web development framework based on PHP
    • It helps in creating secure and reliable web applications
    • Makes use of MVC architecture, it separates business logic and database from the presentation layer
    • It essentially helps in making the code more understandable, clean and simple.
    • Being professional, popular and suitable for enterprise level applications, Zend is favored by top web development companies
    • Provides steady development, not very good for developing applications rapidly 



    Quick Pointers:

    • It is very fast MVC based, PHP framework
    • Phalcon essentially includes ORM, MVC, Caching, auto-loading of components
    • It has support for PHP 7
    • Supports building of REST API’s and Web Applications


    Summing Up

    All web development frameworks are supported by the developer community. They are easy to upgrade and makes maintenance of such web applications easy. Development of applications becomes quick with pre-built libraries and frameworks. Moreover, they have inbuilt security features such as CSRF protection and Output Encoding. Almost every Web development framework looks same – they are open source and allow rapid application development but their code structure and libraries can still be different.


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