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  • Magento Vs osCommerce : A Comparison Study for Best Online Stores

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    Businesses are developing over the internet year after year. In fact, it has been a door to pursue myriad new business opportunities. Now one of the major factors that which determining the success of your business is the choice of your e-Commerce platform. Presently, Magento and osCommerce both are considered as the most reputed eCommerce solutions used to set up an online business website. So, which one to choose out of the two?


    Due to its huge flexibility, features rich performances and dynamic functionalities, open source shopping carts have grabbed the attention of web developers as well as the end users. Apart from this, several business owners received a lot of help in their particular needs and gained the ability to cope with transiting technical environment. The biggest advantage of these open source platforms are that they can be easily perceived at $0 cost of investment and have exclusive features obtainable at very competitive rates.


    Why choose an open source platform?


    • Feature Rich- Open source platforms like Magento, osCommerce are equipped with lots of features as the source code is obtainable to Magento developers, who have designed a version of shopping cart before.
    • Endless possibilities- the source code is extremely customizable. Moreover, the Users are allowed to access to the code that enables them to fix their issues on their own without relying on someone else.
    • Cost effective- As the name implies, users open source shopping cart platforms do not have to pay monthly or any licensing fees, so they can save their lots of money.


    Magento vs osCommerce


    OsCommerce Development


    Launched in 2000, osCommerce has been used worldwide. The open source platform provides e-store owners a wide range of modules which has ultimately resulted in broadening the scope of customization. Moreover, it is absolutely effortless to administer your e-store within OS as it ends up making things simple and easy.


    Now it is but obvious for a visitor to expect an easy and secure way to shop and purchase. The platform is designed keeping these interests in mind and often produces user-friendly stores with intuitive navigation, convenient and secure shopping cart model. The three main aspects that provide a hassle-free shopping experience.


    Now osCommerce development is considered as one of the classics in the history of e-commerce. And as the time passes by, statistics indicate that more and more store owners are trending towards the platform.


    Magento eCommerce Development


    No matter how convenient osCommerce turns out to be there are plenty of web developers who believe that Magento takes the best from osCommerce. In addition to this, Magento developers go a step further and enhance their creativity with new and important features. It may quite interest you to know that the platform releases one or the other update at every 10-15 days. The shopping cart incorporated scores highly for its looks and overall features. Also, the well-engineered product with the tremendous update including re-writable URLs turns out to be a must for a well-optimized e-store.


    Other than this, Magento has “Store view” option which provides online owners the ability to create multiple stores with the same range of products at different prices, even different languages within a single admin area. On and all, it is a kind of background, which offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience. Although the platform is revolutionizing but there are store owners who want to migrate Magento to osCommerce development.


    A comprehensive comparison between the 2 software


    • Update – Compared with osCommerce, Magento is pretty new software. As mentioned above, the program’s keeps on updating at an interval of 10 to 15 days which makes developers fall in love with their job all over again. However, the updates of the other one is quite long.
    • Cost – Both Magento and osCommerce being open source platforms demands free installation. However, with Magento, you might be unable to use to community version for free but if you want some supporting features one can definitely go for executive versions that might cost a certain amount of money. For those who are running big scale companies can afford it while it will not fit for small businesses with the low budget.
    • Hosting – Magento is a feature-rich yet complex application which requires a lot of storage space and a good hosting plan to support its operation. Therefore, most of the online store owners go with reputed VPS hosting companies offering a large amount of disk space.
    • Multiple stores- Since Magento developers are allowed to establish and manage multiple stores in multiple languages with different approaches to different kinds of customers this ultimately makes the platform Number 1 choice in comparison to others.
    • Payment Gateway & Discounts- Unlike osCommerce, Magento allows users to receive payments for their online sale via almost all payment methods. Moreover, it is easy to find discounts and special offers with Magento offering coupons, SEO URLs, product summary and additional features that are not provided by another solution.




    So, which one is better? Well, it depends. Magento development is the better option for people who are running a big scale business while osCommerce is more suitable for small business.

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