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  • Logo & Website Designs are all Part of Your Creative Branding Strategy

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    Your website needs to be as interesting and riveting as your brands. In 2018, the only way you can reach out to a large mass of audience with little effort in by creating a website. A brand website needs to reflect the true nature of a brand and very rarely do we come across brands that are boring. There is no chance for boredom and monotony in your website design. The best way to ensure that you are at the top of you design game is by staying in touch with the 2018 website design and logo design trends.


    How does traditional and successful branding look like?

    Logos are as crucial for a brand, if not more. In many cases, we have seen website themes evolve from logo designs. Logos have been there for the last century at least, whereas website design has been here for the last three decades or so. So, it is quite likely for logo designs to influence website design trends for some leading brands. 


    Have you visited the official Coca-Cola website recently? White and red conjointly dominate the site. These are the two true brand colors that convey more than words ever could. The same is true for e-commerce stores like H&M, whose e-commerce store design perfectly corresponds with the suave minimalism the lifestyle brand sells.


    Contrary to what people would like to believe, these brands are not boring. They have already found their calling. They have named their logo colors using their brand names. For example – this is how a McDonald’s standard color logo palette looks like -



    McDonald's Red Hex: #dd1021 RGB: 221, 16, 33


    McDonald's Yellow Hex: #ffc300 RGB: 255, 195, 0



    Everywhere McDonald's gets a mention; these colors go with them. Irrespective of the location of the hoarding, print ad or digital ad, McD colors always remain the same. After this, all the flyers, brochures, website designs and even interior décor incorporates the brand colors and the logo elements across the world. This gradually becomes the identity of any brand and people looking in the spot the trademark colors, their appetite automatically whets and the come in for a Big Mac or a Happy Meal. That is the ulterior goal of a good brand, to create that necessity in people by simply showing them a color combination or playing them a jingle in the background of a video.


    Your advantage – you understand millennial shoppers

    Branding is an extensive process that should influenceand change (if necessary) the presence of a brand. In 2018, all the emphasis is on online media, so these elements of logo design need to reflect on the standard website design of the brand too. Companies like Starbucks have already embraced this change. Have you noticed how no two Starbucks outlets ever look the same? There are very few key linking features, like the choice of the color palette and the conspicuous placement of the logos on the products. At the same time, the Starbucks website is neat, easy to navigate and offers a lot of updated information about the brand. There is a noticeable use of negative space in the website layout and content layout. 


    You may want to say that these names have been serving the country and the world for the last few decades. How can you come up with a design that can help your brand stand beside them? Let us tell you, one of the biggest perks of working on online media marketing is to fight on an even ground. You can dedicate months of research to find out all you need on the success of your role models, the success plans of your competitors AND learn all about your changing target demographics. While, the older brands have teams of high-paid customer analysts, understanding the millennial customer is much easier for the new and indie business groups. New businesses already have dedicated customer analysis teams; borrowing usable data from them for the website design process is not totally out of the question. You may also contact a logo design agency that will be able to understand your unique branding needs much better.


    What should your website rebranding and review package contain?


    In case you already have a business website up and running, you may need to indulge in a refreshment package. Your website design team will give a flurry of color options, layout schemes and color schemes to choose from. Before you can get all excited about everything new (and a couple of possible leave days!),you need to find out what these refreshment packages contain –


    • They should include a complete analysis of the current website. It should include the current design strong points and the weaknesses.
    • The new package should include website SEO, keyword research strategies and payment gateway integration.
    • Fresh design should make room for brand tradition, brand message, and identity. You are out to create a new logo and website, not a new brand. You must preserve everything that was good about the old logo designs before incorporating the new elements.
    • It should include the evolution of the content copy, audit the conversion optimization and bounce rates for each.


    This brings us to the technical side of website design and rebranding. Each design package comes with turnaround time. It feels like taking a card castle apart and watching someone takes one piece at a time. Without a turnaround time, it would be impossible to manage the stress as well as the daily design target for the design team. The time it takes to rebrand an entire website and work on a new logo can be quite a bit. Understandably, a much older site with a massive bulk of content and no RDBS in place will take much longer to finish. A modern website that runs on WordPress or WooCommerce is really easy to manage, edit and publish. Such lightweight, CMS powered sites often enjoy much better turnaround time.

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