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  • List of Top Tips for Writing Successful SMS Marketing Messages

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    The mobile phone, since its invention, has been a basic human need. The services offered by mobile phones define our daily lives. It is impossible to imagine a world without mobile phones. 


    As such, mobile phone services such as the SMS are now used as powerful marketing tools for companies and businesses. 


    SMS are used as they deliver impressive conversations and response rates, and 98 percent of the recipients will open your messages. Unfortunately, not most people know how to write SMS marketing messages. Below are the top tips for writing successful SMS marketing messages.



    • Consider Length

    When writing an SMS marketing message, you should ensure that it is short but precise. The recipient should be able to get the most in less than 160 characters. More concise messages draw more attention and engage the recipient to act on your call-to-action.


    • Use Professional Language

    The purpose of SMS marketing is to add value and promote a meaningful relationship between you and your clients. Ensure that you maintain professionalism while writing text messages. Avoid using CAPS in all your texts, but for specific keywords highlighting is allowed but overdoing it may be misunderstood for yelling. Do not use abbreviations that may come across as spam and appear informal. Use an official language that is in line with your brand.


    • Include All Details

    According to SMS mobile marketing statistics, people are likely to open text messages before any other form of mobile communication. To utilize much of the SMS, ensure that you include all details in your text as it is the most effective marketing tools. Always add your name or your brand’s in the message. Elucidate the purpose of the product you’re marketing, making sure you create a sense of urgency while at it.


    • Add a Personal Touch

    Using the name of the recipient on the SMS is the best way to create awareness about your brand. It helps them recognize that it’s about them and they are much more likely to open the text faster than an SMS that isn’t personalized. Adding a personal touch to your message would make the recipient feel valued.


    • Consider the Audience

    The conversation is livelier when it is created for a specific group rather than for a general audience. Identifying the target market is crucial as it helps separate recipients who might find the message relevant to those who might find it not useful.


    • Use Call-to-Action 

    Adding call-to-action buttons on your SMS will encourage conversations. It makes it easy for your recipient to take advantage of a promotion that may be included in your text.


    In conclusion, ensure that you read and revise your texts before sending them to clients. After successfully writing the SMS, ensure that the timing is right. Steer clear from common commute times, when people are unable to read messages.


    SMS marketing is the route to success in any business. It is efficient and has a higher engagement rate than all the other marketing tools. Anyone looking to market their business widely should opt for SMS Marketing Messages. 

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