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  • List of Top 9 Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Traffic to a New Blog

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    When you start a new blog, you want your content to reach a large audience. Off course, you want to attract lots of people otherwise what’s the point of putting in such hard work and dedication, hours of research for something no one will see?


    With a considerable amount of material available on the internet these days, it’s essential to market your content in a way that it is accessible and appealing to people. Gone are the days when there were very few bloggers out there; now the internet is filled with blogs containing brilliant content. Therefore, it has become necessary to come up with content that is engaging and to also market it effectively.


    To help out new bloggers, here’s a list of some content marketing strategies that will benefit every new blogger.


    1. Create Engaging Content:


    To create stuff that clicks with people, you need to come up with engaging content that readers find useful. It should be related to the current trends and demands of people. Some tools that can help you in finding out the trending topics are Google Trends, Buzzsumo, and Feedly. Come up with blog posts according to the latest trends and issues in demand.


    2. Know your audience:


    Before generating any blog post, you should be well aware of your target audience. Keep in mind demographics like age, gender, location, education, and income to optimize your content around these factors. It’s useless to write on a topic that the readers find irrelevant.


    3. Use diverse social media platforms:


    When it comes to content sharing, you should use different platforms for that. Only sharing it on a single platform will not lead to higher traffic to your blog. To target young audiences, you should use Instagram and Snapchat. LinkedIn is another great channel for promoting your content.


    4. Be consistent with your posts:


    Creating regular posts is very important to keep the audiences engaged with your blog. A great strategy is to create a content plan that will help you out in generating consistent posts with clarity. Another essential thing to remember is that the quality of your posts should also stay consistent. Readers will instantly realize if your blogs don’t show the same quality and value.


    5. Pay Attention to the headline:


    Make your headlines more catchy and engaging. Readers will only click a headline if they find it interesting enough. Although it’s also vital to have quality content available for the audience and not just rely on the headline, however, the audience will first read the headline and will only click if they find it appealing.


    6. Engage with Audience


    When you are a content creator, it’s critical to engage with your readers and audiences regularly. Respond to comments and suggestions and give attention to what the viewers are demanding from you


    7. Use Quora to promote your blog:


    Quora is a great platform to build your followers by answering questions regularly. Once you have gained a following, you can then share your content there and provide links to your blog posts. Another way that Quora can be useful is that you can use it for searching trending topics and finding inspiration for writing your next blog post.


    8. Create Crosslinks:


    Crosslinking means that your new blog posts include links to your older blog posts. It’s a good SEO practice that generates traffic and also gives readers access to your other content that they may find useful.


    9. Use interesting images and infographics


    People get attracted to attractive and attention-grabbing visuals and images. Use images that are related to your content. Good visuals can also keep the attention of the readers for a longer time.


    Final Thoughts


    Hopefully, these strategies will help you in generating organic traffic to your blog. However, the bottom line remains the same; brilliant and well-written blogs are the key to engage readers and create traffic to your blog.

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