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  • List of Top 6 Popular Web Development Technologies in 2019

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    The web world is progressing with a rapid pace and the data is quite stunning which states that there are more than about 1.8 billion websites and about 200 million websites that are active so far.


     In an addition to this, there are a number of innumerable new websites that make the competition quite robust and certainly beyond our mind. Now, with the advancement of technology, it is of immense importance to adhere to the new trends of web development so as to make sure that the websites get noticed properly and necessarily stands apart to deal with the stiff competition of the recent times. The use of the latest technologies for web development would be of a great help in the development of websites that are worthy enough of getting a global attention. 


    So, let us learn about the most popular web development technologies in the year 2019 for the development of stunning websites which are as discussed below.


    Popular web development technologies in the year 2019 


    Artificial Intelligence or Bots

    Artificial intelligence as can be understood from the name is the intelligence that is displayed by the machines for mimicking the intelligence of the humans and performing a number of cognitive functions such as learning ability, collection of data, analysis of information, understanding emotions and solution to some of the most challenging problems. The artificial intelligence enabled communication, analytics solutions and multitask solutions are certainly the greatest trend in the year 2019. The chatbots or simply the bots powered by artificial intelligence would be quite effective in offering premium quality customer service in the time to come.


    Java Script

    Java Script is undoubtedly one of the most popular language for web development in the past years but still it continues to develop. The evolution of the frameworks, libraries as well as designs of Java Script with time certainly has a lot to offer the market of web development. This is exactly the reason as to why Java Script is one of the most preferred options of the web developers which not only provides immense flexibility but also the necessary power.



    Blockchain technology is another of the popular technology for web development that provides very tight security. This technology is highly efficient and powerful which has the capability to revolutionise the overall web industry. This technology of blockchain offers tight security for the online transactions. Most importantly, blockchain technology does not require any intermediaries and promises to utilize standard data storage for the purpose of allowing the users to store data in various locations that too globally. Blockchain is all set to be the most secure web development technology in the time to come.


    Progressive Web Application

    The progressive we applications are necessarily one of the hottest trends in the year 2019. The modern web development applications load similar to the regular websites or webpages but their functionality is of a high level. With this web development technology, the pages are able to load almost instantaneously irrespective of the state of network and the choice of browser. This is because of the fact that they are built with progressive enhancement which is an extremely effective strategy for web designing that focuses on the core content of the web pages. Progressive web app makes sure that it is instant, independent and reliable experience to the users without any kinds of cache issues. 


    Motion UI

    Motion UI is another of the trending web development technology for its dynamic graphics, superb animation and truly real impacts on usability. This would be even more popular because of the rising demand for interactive web design. Motion UI is just ideal for the developers to tell a visual story at the time of communication with the users making use of a variety of techniques and tools. Most importantly, Motion UI is a sustainable library that easily allows seamless transition effects on the interface of the user. It is rapidly gaining a lot of popularity and is expected to be even more popular. 


    Single Page Application

    Single page application is another popular web development application that is trending in the year 2019. This application is based on Java Script that works quite well on the user devices. The single page application plays a crucial role in the boosting up of the performance with minimized interruptions during the loading and unloading of pages. It also decreases the overall time required for the purpose of web development by simply responding to navigation actions without the creation of a request for fetching new HTML from the side of the server. In an addition to this, the single page application is just great for the purpose of developing completely responsive websites and hence a highly preferred choice of the developers. 


    Thus, now it can be clearly understood as to what are most trending web development technologies of the year 2019. 

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