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  • Javascript constructor()

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    Lets talk about a constructor. It is actually a function to serve the purpose of using as a constructor. You can write a function to use it as a constructor or call it as a normal function, or use it both ways.
    You can easily perform the task of creating multiple similar objects with the same properties and methods by using a constructor. Its absolutely right to say to call constructors a set of regular functions.
    However, they are meant to be used with the "new" keyword. As far as types of constructors are concerned, there are two - native constructors like and custom constructors.
    Array and Object are the examples of native constructors. With custom constructors you define properties and methods for your own type of object.

            <title>JavaScript constructor() Method</title>
            <script type="text/javascript">
            var num = new Number( 177.1234 );
            document.write("num.constructor() is : " + num.constructor);

    this function will return;

    num.constructor() is : function Number() { [native code] }

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