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  • JavaScript Library that Never Lets Developers Down - Why is jQuery so Popular and Lovable?

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    What do you do if you have to add some cool animation effects to your website? Unless the answer is use jQuery, you are taking the long road home. This very powerful JavaScript library can change the way you look at website design and the way your website looks right now. Among the several versions, 2.2.2 is the one designers and coders prefer the most. Download and installation take about a minute. As long as you have a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, learning can take you anything between 30 minutes to a couple of hours!

    Learning the language of the web world

    Learning jQuery makes the world of codes such a bright and colorful place. You can play with the Dom and add new effects. In fact, sometimes you need to restrain yourself a little bit from going all out on the animation effects, colors and other design elements on the website. It uses the CSS3 selectors and if you understand CSS, using jQuery just becomes a lot easier. This is the primary reason most developers choose it over Angular and React. Till date, almost 34% of the website developers use jQuery as the front-end library. In contrast to this, only about 12% of the developers do not use any framework. Manipulating the DOM manually can become very complex. Developers find it much simpler to use frameworks as flexible as JQuery to do the same.

    Why should you invest time and effort in learning jQuery?

    Right now, almost everyone knows that website design is not just a coder’s job or an artist’s job. One needs to be a coder with an artist’s perception to create the perfect website. That’s the reason most people choose to go with jQuery as their JavaScript library. It keeps their coding process lighter, so they can also focus on the design aspects of their projects. Ask any leading web agency New York or any other local IT agency around you and they will cite the following reasons for staying in love with jQuery.

    One of the leading reasons for the mass acceptance and popularity of this framework is its extensibility. Leading IT conglomerates like Google, Netflix, IBM and Microsoft use JavaScript for their applications and web services. This library offers the coders with direct access to HTML utilities, CSS manipulations, and cross-browser friendly designs. As a result, there are thousands of experts, teachers, and designers, who upload educational content on a regular basis. No more expensive coding classes, no more certification courses. You can learn all you need to know about using jQuery from YouTube videos.

    • The contemporary versions of JQuery can support PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
    • The users find several JS features including sliders, JQuery selector, Ajax and GUI widgets easy to use and manipulate.
    • It offers all kinds of DOM, animation, CSS and interactive elements for the coder’s use.
    • It is an open-source platform. Thus, most of its facilities and features are free!
    • There is a huge intellectual community behind this endeavor. This framework is constantly evolving.
    • It might be quite easy to learn, but it is still very powerful.
    • You can extend its functions with the help of numerous plug-ins.
    • It has extensive library features for almost all elements including image sliders, social streams, and video carousels.

    jQuery brings the future of website design at your doorstep right now!

    It keeps your website crisp: No matter how many new features you can come up with, nothing beats the fact that jQuery does NOT slow down your site. You can add image sliders, media carousels, gallery designs or new social streams, but the new set of codes for these features will not slow down the site loading speed. A large fraction of your visitors has cached jQuery from a CDN, so the loading time remains unchanged. It has no effect on the bandwidth. The full version of jQuery is about 33KB. So, you should not have to worry about bandwidth budget or loading speed ever again.

    It saves time and makes money: Let’s get to this straight. There are millions of things you can do with code. That includes adding cool effects, color and layout changes and of course rendering a better user experience. As a web developer, you should be more concerned about what you can do in design and UI aspect. Bugs in codes and silly errors eat up a lot of our time and energy. jQuery offers each developer a chance to bypass these mistakes and start coding faster. Time is money, and with jQuery, you will be making a lot of dough, if you know what we mean!

    With jQuery comes great responsibility

    Using jQuery can be a blessing, only when it’s done right. There are multitudes of ways you can get the code and the designs wrong! There is a huge collection of extensions in the JavaScript library that you can just throw together to create a power-packed experience. However, doing so will also slow your code down. This will reduce the net performance of your code. Next, always check the age of the library you are adding to your code. Seriously old libraries can become a burden, especially the ones that offer IE8 and IE7 support.

    During these times, you need to weigh the performance against the new features to judge whether you need the extension. Scalable jQuery is in itself an extensible topic. In simple words, always be careful of the performance hit your website can take as a result of the extension. Before copy-pasting code for something "cool," always check what it does. Going without a set of corrupt or heavy code is much easier than lugging a website that takes 10 seconds to load. 

    Final words for the wise folks

    JQuery might be THE BEST JavaScript framework, but that does not make it a solo player. Using it with other frameworks like Vue can speed up your coding. Sure, you will not find a lot of exciting new features, but you will never have to think about downloading and using Vanilla JS ever again. Using other frameworks that allow collaboration between several team members can help you work on larger projects. Using Angular in conjunction can help you write and execute codes more niftily.

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  • This is by far the most ridiculous article Ive read this week. I had to check the date. Listen jquery is a bloated processor and memory intense LIBRARY (not framework) that is antiquated and actually abstracts JavaScript to the point that any new devs trying to learn js who start with jquery usually have a steep learning curve before they can get up to speed to actually develop in js. You should take a minute to do your homework and understand how far JavaScript has come in the past 10 years so you will understand that jquery and Mootools are completely irrelevant in 2018
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