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  • Introduction about SEO MetaTags

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    What is Meta tags

    Before knowing about Meta Tags, you should also know what is Metadata?
    Metadata is data about data or data which gives information about data. In webpages Metadata are used with HTML codes called meta tags, it provides the information about the HTML documents which are not been displayed on webpage but will be machine readable metadata and always used inside Head tag of html codes of the page. Meta tags tags includes element which describes page description, keywords and other related information about the webpage so that search engine can categorize the page correctly.

    Elements of Meta Tags Beneficial for SEO:

    There are many elements of meta tag but some useful for SEO perspective are:
    Meta title tag, Heading tag, Meta description tag, Meta keywords, Image alt tag, Author tag, Robots tag, GEO tag, Anchor tag.

    Importance of Meta tags

    Although meta tags are not only the main reason responsible for improving page ranking on search result page and they are not only factor that search engines consider for ranking websites, but still it hold little weight and this part should not be unconsidered as a meta description tag is a brief and succinct or clear summary of a web page content and meta keyword tag used in a website is list of the important words on your page, that are targeted to be searched when user search for related information on search engine.

    To read in brief about Meta Tags Elements and how these elements are used and implemented in website, click here.

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