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  • Introduction: Getting Started with Angular - Beginner's Video Tutorial - Free Session 1

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    Hello Techies,


    This is a video tutorial of Angular in which I have explained a general overview of the highly trendy client-side framework called Angular. This video session has been specifically designed for newbie developers who don't have advanced knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and are willing to learn the basic concept behind the popular Angular and also interested to know the core difference between Angular and AngularJS.



    Why JS Frameworks are Required?


    If as a beginner, you are not aware of what is JS framework all about, then see the answer below.


    Answer: JS framework is a technology or platform which offers great tools to develop web applications. These frameworks also provide ways on how an application should be designed and how to organize the code.


    As old websites were developed with bad structured JS code, that is why modern web applications are now heavily dependent on JS frameworks which help developers to organize the code properly. Due to this reason, client-side frameworks have become the need of the hour in the current scenario.


    About Angular


    Now let's come to the point what Angular is, what are its features, why it is important, etc?


    According to angular meetup, Angular is 5 times faster than AngularJS. Angular has faster Initial load, change detection and improved rendering time. Not just performance It has improved Modularity, Dependency Injection, and testability.


    This Video answers?


    Angular JS was released in October 2010.  Here in this video tutorial, you all beginners will be able to get a clear understanding of the below-mentioned points:


    • Why should we use Angular, while many developers are still using AngularJS (Angular 1)?
    • Should I learn TypeScript for this course?
    • How to install and Angular?
    • How to start a hello-world-app?


    ANGULAR        =  Angular Version 2/4/5/6/7
    ANGULAR .JS  =  Angular 1

    I have also created some other related Angular Free Video Tutorials which you can see by clicking the below links:


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