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  • Insert Data in Acumatica ERP

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    Hi Friends,

    Today i will tell you to how to insert values in acumatica ERP.

    The Code below is used to insert data in the acumatica erp. Suppose i want to insert data into the EPApproval table. Here firstly i need to create instance of current class(PXGraph).


    var maint = PXGraph.CreateInstance<NewTimeActivity>();


    Here PXGraph is The base type that defines the common interface of business logic controllers (graphs), which you should derive from either PX.Data.PXGraph`1 or PX.Data.PXGraph`2.

    Use the below syntax to insert the data into the EPApproval table. You need to specify all the parametrs i am just specifying some parameters.

    var detailsCache = maint.ProviderInsert<PX.Objects.EP.EPApproval>(
               new PXDataFieldAssign("AssignmentMapID", AssignmentMapID),
               new PXDataFieldAssign("WorkgroupID", WorkgroupID),
               new PXDataFieldAssign("OwnerID", OwnerID),
               new PXDataFieldAssign("Status", Status),
               new PXDataFieldAssign("BAccountID", BAccountID),
    //Log the exception

    Where ProviderInsert is used to performs a database delete operation. The table is specified as the DAC through the type parameter.

    We need to provide all the values for a table which are not null otherwise it will give use exception.

    There is another way which acumatica ERP uses i will justify you in my other blog.

    References :- 


    Happy Coding !!


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