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  • How to use session in php. ?

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    Firstly let us know what is session ?

    Session variables hold information about one single user, and provide to all pages information in one application.
    So, session basicallu store informatiom in a variable and provine in multiple page for a single user How to start a session


    Note:- session starts Before any HTML tags.

    You can see below example of session in php.

    // fix session variables
    $_SESSION["favcity"] = "Landon";
    $_SESSION["favcountry"] = "UK";
    // echo  session variables  
    echo "Session variables will come". ".<br>";
    //now here call session variables that were set on previous page
    echo "Favorite city is " . $_SESSION["favcity"] . ".<br>";
    echo "Favorite country is " . $_SESSION["favcountry"] . ".";

    Output will come:
    Session variables will come.
    Favorite city is Landon.
    Favorite country is UK.

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