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  • How to use mocha for unit testing in node?

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    mocha is a javascript test framework. It works well for both node.js and browser. It makes asynchronous testing simple and easy. Mocha test run serially. mocha is open source.

    Installing mocha globally:

    npm install -g mocha

    With the above installation, mocha runs with commands:

    mocha test

    But, I like to run my mocha test with command npm test. To do this, add the below lines of code in your package.json:

    "scripts": {
      "test": "mocha test"


    npm run

    Creating/Running test cases:

    var assert = require('assert');
    describe('Summation', function() {
      it('success: It should return 3', function() {
          assert.equal(3, 2+1);
      it('failure: It should fail.', function() {
          assert.equal(3, 2+0);

    To run, use command:

    mocha index
    npm test


    It produces:

         success: It should return 3
        1) failure: It should fail.
      1 passing (9ms)
      1 failing
      1) Summation failure: It should fail.:
          AssertionError: 3 == 2
          + expected - actual
          at Context.<anonymous> (index.js:7:14)


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