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  • How to put a Successful eCommerce Development Project at Place?

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    The pace of e-commerce businesses getting popular is higher today than ever. Ecommerce businesses, mainly websites contain huge opportunities for business owners to earn business revenues by offering to buy goods from the convenience of home.


    Ecommerce website development is a hefty process and an ecommerce manager will have to worry about things starting from the creative brief for the website creation to online publicity and vendor management to name a few. Thankfully we still have some viable ecommerce development agencies in Toronto, India, Australia, US, UK and other parts of the world, working for the benefit of clients located at worldwide destinations.


    Here are a bunch of useful tips for business owners looking to get ecommerce development services from an agency located somewhere on the globe.


    Choose a CMS for your eCommerce website development

    The CMS (content management system) that you will choose for your ecommerce website development will have a huge impact on its success. You must consider factors like the size of your website and the kind of customer load and number of products featured, before finalizing CMS platform.


    A small scale ecommerce website can always be developed using the popular WordPress. WordPress is a popular platform for setting up sites that welcome a myriad of online visitors, especially blogging websites. Large ecommerce websites however, require more backup support to manage heavy traffic load along with multiple product categories, therefore another CMS platform called Magento is popular for such ecommerce web development.


    Build for redundancy

    Ecommerce websites are likely to receive thousands of users on a per day basis to start with. This requires them to be hosted on multiple geographically located servers, so that the website doesn’t crash with the traffic load. Ask your ecommerce web development companies about the available options.


    Don’t forget a SEO friendly URL structure

    The days of using unique product IDs in the URLs or using a number to denote the product page are well and truly over. Today, the main concern of ecommerce developers is to make the site as user friendly and engaging as possible. You must have noticed the use of targeted keywords in the URLs structure of popular ecommerce websites like Amazon and Zappos. The aim is to make ecommerce websites as search engine friendly as possible, this increases their chances of presetting in front of a target prospect.


    For a seo friendly seo structure, don’t forget to add basic detail of your product like its core feature, or a related keyword in the URL structure for optimal search engine visibility.


    Do the planning beforehand

    Building an ecommerce website is a tedious process that consumes a lot of time. it’s not only the development that is there, but the constant inclusion of products and categories that keeps increasing the size of the website, along with other hosting and data related issues makes the planning of website one of the crucial matters to be addressed. Because of all these complications that may arise, the owner of the ecommerce website must plan stuff, prior execution. Pre-planning for any upcoming possibilities is known as the ‘big picture’ approach in management, where you try to propose solutions to future issues before hand.


    Do not employ a difficult signup process

    The main aim of any ecommerce business is to generate sales. A signup form is an easy way to generate a lead and sale in the long run. But complicating the signup process makes it hard for the user to stick ad they might bounce away from the website only because the process is lengthy. Try keeping the signup process as simple as possible. Quicker transition of information leads to better customer retention and could have a huge impact on your conversion rate and total earnings.


    Outsource if required

    There is absolutely no harm in outsourcing work if you lack the skill of doing it yourself. Not everything a business does is done in-house. One of the traits of successful businesses is that they know when to outsource and how? For example, if you are unable of handling an in-house HR department and staff queries, you can outsource your HR functions to an HR consulting firm that could take care of all your HR related issues. Nice and easy!


    Spend time in creating product pages

    Detailed product pages are something that really attracts your audience's’ interest and holds the power of either making or breaking their buying decision. A detailed product page not only discusses all the product characteristics in detail but also provide product comparisons to the online visitors, thus making it easier for him to decide. Online brands who have detailed product pages are known to have scored better sales, at least 25% more than their competitors who do not have detailed product pages on their website.


    Don’t forget to include analytics

    Not that your detailed product pages are up, make sure to include the analytics section in them, so that you will start receiving hands-on information about the kind of market that is interested in your product offerings. You will also know from which geographical location you are getting most of your orders and hence you can design targeted marketing campaigns for customers of these regions.


    Have a support ready all-the-time

    No matter how great your products are or how perfect your website is, many of your customers will run into problems and need to contact your support team. Because of this, you should have support ready before your website even launches. Ask our ecommerce development agency about how can you built a system that can directly create reports of issues that are generated by your customers. Timely resolution of these issues guarantee you repeat sales.


    So these are some of the ecommerce development tips that can come really handy in ecommerce website development situations for business owners. For more information stay tuned as we discuss peculiar issues that are raised by customers and business owners working in the ecommerce industry.

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