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  • How to keep your android app popular even after launch?

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    Imagine that your android app has been launched in Google Play Store for users to download and install it on their android phones or android tablet computers and the app has been doing well in the market. Your app has started to generate interest among users and they have begun recommending it for their friends. This is the dream of most of the app developers and in this article we will discuss about the factors that will ensure that your app has been gaining popularity.    


    Communicate with your users


    Most of the time our assumptions about the user preferences can go wrong as the user interests and preferences can change considerably overtime. To know about the user mindset and what they think is useful and a necessity in your android app. You would be able to achieve it only though initiating communication with the user. Studies suggest that app abandonment is mainly due to the loss of interest among users. 


    It is desirable to initiate a beta-testing community which would provide app developers with an insight in to what the users are actually looking for. The beta users would get the opportunity to access the new features as newer versions would be released for the android app as per their necessities. Even though the users would get the app updates only from Google Play Store, that features would be released exclusively as the beta release group. 


    Creating a beta testing community is an easy task. All you have to do is to find out the users that have raised complaints and concerns about your app and establish a dialog with them. You will have to ask them to be a part of your app community and let them know about the changes being included in the app as they mentioned before thanking them for their feedback. This will make those users feel that they are special for the app developer and thus they can be converted from critics to advocates. 


    Release Updated Versions Regularly


    It is always desirable to launch the first version app with lean features. You should keep a backlog of features that you think would be of interest for the users to be released in the subsequent app release versions. Release updates for your apps regularly and try to gain user interest for such updates earlier itself. This will create excitement among users as they would wait for the next timely update to be released by the app developer. This also helps improve the popularity of the android app too. There are number of tools that have to be taken in to consideration while looking forward for releasing the time between the android app update.


    Of this, two things are important. They are automated testing and issue tracker. In automated testing, you can make use of Jenkins which is a continuous integration server that can be used automatically for running the tests about the features and modifications that has been made to the code with respect to the work being done. It allows you to ensure that the previous code has been maintained well and the app developer does not have to face any situation wherein they have to compromise on an older feature or a new bug is being generated because of the update.


    On the other hand, Issue Tracker remains a useful tool for prioritizing the workflow and getting the maximum output from the value being sent along with each of the update. Trello remains the best alternative Issue Tracker tool for developers and there are several other Issue Tracker tools for larger teams too. Both tools provide developers with cards which can be used further for monitoring the backlog. Thus releases can be managed without any difficulties and thereby helping you to maintain the administrative overhead in a minimal way. 


    Gitflow Workflow is another useful technique that can be implemented for the selective integration of new features within the android app. The code branches of the new features are kept apart from the main code base. During the time of release however, these codebase could be effectively integrated with the main code base.


    First Impression Remains the Best Impression


    As per some of the studies, it has been found that users are likely to lose interest in an app and the chances of using it considerably decreases almost one week after downloading and installing it on to their device. The presence of leaving a good impression among users is extremely important for an app to stay popular among the users and keeping them engaged with the app. The main objective for an app developer should be to highlight the unique features and how the app could prove useful for the new users especially during the first week after installation. This can be achieved by introducing a good on boarding process for users wherein a demo about the app or visual representation of how the app can be useful for them has to be displayed for impressing the users at first itself. However it can prove to be challenging especially for those app developers wherein the content is beyond representation and can be populated only through user action. The better you are able to impress the users with your android app, the more would be the adoption rates resulting in enhanced revenue for the app developer.


    Harness the potential of Android App


    Android is not just a phone operating system, the core functionality of the app can be moved in to any other form factors by tailoring the UI and UX as per the needs and requirements of the app developers as well as customers. Thus users would be able to enjoy seamless experience with an android app in a number of devices such as android phone, tablet as well as android TV. Thus the cross-platform compatibility has thrown open the doors to compete in a number of form factors rather than only restricting the android abilities to a smartphone.

    App developers will have to work on multiple APK files for creating files on individual platforms and a single APK for creating files on multiple android form factors. The best way to provide seamless experience for users across multiple devices is to produce a single APK file which can be easily installed on multiple android devices. However it comes with certain benefits as well as drawbacks. The benefit includes the ability to automatically install app on new devices as the apps would be synced automatically whenever a user logs in to their new device by making use of Google Account. However the greatest drawback of creating Single APK for multiple platforms include the resulting file size that makes it unsuitable for android devices with smaller storage capacity. 




    The above mentioned tips highlights some of the long-term approaches which would help improve the user retention, enhance the daily usage and thereby generate and maintain interest and popularity of your android app in the future. The success of an android app depends upon how far the user requirements and requests are considered by the app developer.     


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    How to keep your android app popular even after launch?

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