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  • Android App Development - The Best Guidelines To Follow

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    An award-winning android application is a result of hard work and coordination of skilled developers with clients. The path which leads them to that stage includes mistakes, stand up again and moving on. 


    After 9 years in Android app development, I have come up with these 4 golden rules which can help dedicated android developers to avoid those mistakes which are common in the process.


    One thing that should be clear is that the blog is not only regarding the mistakes. It's basically about the steps that are essential to take for best outcomes.


    Let's begin,


    1. Analyze the User's Requirement Properly

    This is a crucial step in any product development. The app overall is for the users only, which makes it important to be aware of the requirements which users must be expecting. 


    How it's done?

    • Know your target audience and gather information about them in depth.
    • Next would be the survey or feedback, which will help to outcry the competitor by offering better.
    • Create a prototype and perform some study & research over the demographics.
    • Categorize the requirements into 3 parts- User, Usability and Organisational.

    2. Keep your Android App compatible for Multiple Android Devices

    There are a diverse number of devices in the market with different screen size, operating system, graphics and many more. The focus of Android app development company should not be on just a single device, the app must be optimized well enough for every single device out there.


    3. Responsive User Interface (UI)

    The three main components in a responsive user interface are Flexible Media, Flexible Grid-based layout and Media Queries. If the user opens your app, then it's your responsibility to make them stay on the app for as long as you can, which is only possible with a responsive user interface. 


    4. Balance Functionality and Creativity

    This rule especially applies to Android app developers. To come up with good results, there should be a balance between creativity and functionality.


    The features that are expected to fulfill the requirement of the user then they must be executed smoothly without any complexity. If the developers think of a feature which, if done with creativity would be better then it should be done right or else reject the idea instead.

    Summing Up

    Android app development includes a set of rules of which every dedicated Android developer should be aware of. These above crucial steps are the key changer when it comes to delivering a successful award winning android application.

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