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  • How to integrate MobBill Mobile payments for Video, Ringtones etc

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    Hi All,

    Here I am sharing how to implement MobBill Mobile payments, for this follow the steps below :-

    Step 1 -> You need to login into the link and create your account.

    Step 2 -> Now log into the same link mentioned in the Step 1.

    Step 3 -> Now go to content tab and select new, Now create new content here for which you want to charge, The window will ask you to enter following fields :-

    A. Title = Title of the content.

    B. Payment model = In this, it will ask you whether you want to "pay per view" or "subscription". Pay per view specifies that in each view of the content, consumer will pay you. Subscription specifies that consumer can pay by selecting different intervals.

    C. Subscriptions = This field specifies the number of days for which the subscription is valid. Suppose if you want to charge weekly in a year, you will have to type 365 days, it will automatically charge consumer in every week for one year.

    D. Renewed every = It just happens like recurring basis, selecting charging interval, you can select month or year, if you select month then after each month it will automatically renew subscription.

    E. URL = specifies the URL(web address) of your content, when the user completes the payment or subscription then he will automatically redirects to the URL.

    F. Content Type = Content type is categorised into two parts video or ringtone. It depends on you, whether you want to charge for video or ringtone.

    G. Active = It specifies the activation of your content, By default it is checked, it means that your content is active for billing, if you unchecked then no billing process will happen.

    H. Currency = Specifies the currency of the country, in which currency you like to charge.

    Step 4 -> After filling all the above fields then click on the Create button, it will open another window, in that window it will show you all the details you entered before. There you can see your generated Mobile Id. Your MobBill id which is your unique code which is required to integrate with the MobBill billing system.

    Now your payment url will be :- for example

    You can charge multiple pieces with the same url. here you just need to pass some parameters exact in the way I have shown below:- y = price z = url

    For example :

    Note :- The URL must be encoded, the PHP function for this is urlencode ( string $str )

    When a payment is completed then Mobbill will attach a unique token and transaction Id. for example if you have used

    then you will get something like this

    where tid = transaction Id and tk = tokenKey Note :- All you have to do is to make sure you haven't seen this token before and you know it is valid.

    thats it, isnt it is so easy. :)

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