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  • How to install, configure & use AWS client in ubuntu

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    To Install awsclient we need to install python-pip first:--
    --> sudo apt-get install python-pip

    After installing pip we can install awsclient using :-
    --> sudo apt-get install awscli

    After successfully installing awsclient, we need to configure it. To configure it :-

       $ aws configure 
         and then fill in the following details 
      Default region name [None]: us-west-2(or us-east-1)
      Default output format [None]: json

    After successfully configuring awsclient, we are ready to go and we can perform any operation which we perform on AWS gui. For example:

    To list all s3 buckets:-

    $aws s3api list-buckets

    To copy content of an entire folder to some particular folder in amazon bucket:-

    (aws s3 cp sourcefolder destinationfolder --recursive)
    $aws s3 cp /home/taran/folder1/ s3://user_list_staging/tmp/avatars/ --recursive

    To copy a file to a particular folder in an amazon bucket :--

    (aws s3 cp source_file_path destination_file_path)
    $aws s3 cp /home/taran/blurredoceanbg/blurredoceanbg@2x.png s3://user_list_staging/tmp/avatars

    To view content of a particular bucket :-

    $aws s3api list-objects --bucket user_list_staging

    To view content of particular folder in an amazon bucket:-

    $aws s3 ls s3://user_list_staging/tmp

    To remove a bucket :-

    $aws s3 rb s3://user_list_staging

    To remove a bucket forcefully :-

    $aws s3 rb s3://user_list_staging --force

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