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  • How to create a custom helper in ember js, handlebar and ghost node.js

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    Sometimes, you may have repeated HTML on your handlebars template. In those cases, you can create and register a new helper, that can be invoked from hbs templeate.

    Gost: Ghost it a blogging platform developer on the top of express framework of nodejs.

    EmberJs: Ember js is a javascript framework, same as angular.js.

    So, here I am going to tell you how to create a helper in ghost ember and handlebar.


    Create a new file "check-equality" and place it inside "/core/client/app/helper/".


    import {helper} from 'ember-helper';
    export default helper(function (value) { //Value is an array: [1,10]
        var actual = value[0];
        var expected = value[1];
        return actual === expected;

    How to use the check-equality helper in handlebars template (edit.hbs) file:

    {{check-equality 1 10}} // Returns: false
    {{check-equality 10 10}} // Returns: true
    {{check-equality 20 10}} // Returns: false
    {{check-equality 20 20}} // Returns: true

    It can also be used to check certain condition for example:

    {{#if (check-equality 1 10)}}
        both numbers are equal
        both are unequal


    both are unequal    


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