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  • How to Solve PHP Connectivity Error with MySQL

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    Answer it


    if(isset ($_POST['Signup']))
    $file_name = $_FILES['image']['name'];
    $file_tmp =$_FILES['image']['tmp_name'];

    $sql=insert into signup(image, name, fname, add, contact, email, aadhar, qual, degress, ad, psw, con_psw) values ('$a','$b','$c','$d','$e','$f','$g','$h','$i','$j','$k','$l', NOW());

    //store image in folder
    //move_uploaded_file($_FILES["myimage"]["tmp_name"], "$folder".$_FILES["myimage"]["name"]);


        echo"You are eligible";
        echo "error".$sql."<br>".$conn->error;

    //session start

    //storing session data

    //access session data
    //echo $_SESSION["NAME"];

    // Removing session data
      //  unset($_SESSION["NAME"]);

    //destroy session

    //session end


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