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  • How to Setup a Home Office for Productive Freelancing Business

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    Working from home has its own benefits, but working from a home office is freelancing on a whole other level. Other than not having to commute or be in a cubicle the whole day, working from home is more relaxed and quiet.


    However, if you do not devote a good portion of time to preparing your home to resemble an office, you might find yourself a bit too relaxed and not able to work efficiently. That is why this post concerns with ideas for designing your own home office.


    Maximize Available Space



    This depends on how much space you have to spare, but ideally it could be a room that you are not using. If you do not have a spare room, do not worry. Since most freelancers work from a computer, you just need a bit of space in a corner of the living room, or below the staircase, for example. If you have trouble with having all of your important items near you, consider installing shelves, they are the ultimate spacesaver.


    Create a Comfortable Environment


    It is wise to choose a spot in your home that gets a lot of natural lighting. If you are going to place the workstation besides a window, do it in such a way that you do not get an unbearable amount of reflection. Declutter the working space. Comfort, as well as productivity depend on having a clean, organized space without unnecessary stuff.


    Choose Furniture Wisely



    You need to maximize your space, but even then you might need even more, since work documents and accessories have a tendency of piling up over time. I have found that multifunction furniture can do the trick, because such pieces have drawers in which you can place your work necessities. Do not rush into buying furniture since it is expensive, rather try to find something comfortable.


    Decorate Your Home Office


    You want to work in a space that is easy on your eyes, but at the same time you feel good in it, productive, and as if you are in a real office. And the home office can really get close to the real thing. So, to achieve this effect within the comfort of your home, you will have to differentiate the home office from the rest of the house.


    ...And Finally - Accessorize



    You want to have everything within your arm's reach in your home office. That is why you have to be smart when it comes to choosing additional accessories. You do not want too many things. I suggest getting several useful accessories: a good chair, laptop cooler, a couple of iPad stands, plants or a fish tank, etc. You get the picture.


    Easier than it Looks


    Setting up your home office is much easier than it seems. It seems difficult because work is stressing, but as soon as you set it up you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. After that, you will notice how cool it is to work from you own home office.

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