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  • How to Optimize Image for Website

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    In my previous blog: How to Do a Perfect On-Page SEO of Your Website: Part 1, I have explained How to do perfect On-page optimization. In continuation my previous blog, Now I am explaining image optimization in SEO, which is a very important factor of On-page optimization. Let us discuss how to optimize web images according to guidelines of various search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

    For the sake of simplicity, we will discuss Image Optimization for Website in points one by one:

    • Image Optimization Basics:

    In July 2001 Google Launched Image search Facilities for its users. After that image SEO optimization becomes the regular part of SEO Practices. And in the year 2011 Google Launched Reverse Image Search, With this you can search by directly uploading image or Paste image URL.

    Google reverse image search

    Following are the some image optimization methods which I personally use.

    • Image Alt Tag:

    Major search engine have their own algorithm for image search but most general use Alt tag. Alt tag are the alternative tag act same way as keywords for particular web page.

    <img src="FindNerd-Logo.gif "alt="FindNerd-Logo">

    FindNerd Logo
    • Image Alt for OGP:

    Open Graph Protocols(OGP): It is make any website content to act like object in social graph. Basically it help in Search on Social Media Sites like Facebook, pinterest etc.

    Example:     <meta property="og:image" content="http://" />

    • Image File Name:

    Make sure that your Image file name must be related to product Like if one has Car website and have various images to show. The image must include the proper Brand-name ,type of Car and model of the Car if Some one search the Like


    Instead of either Space() or Underscore(_) use Hyphen/ minus sign(-) like below example

    •   Image Size Optimization:

    One should properly either choose image or make it smallest possible size without compromising the quality, because small size of images on your website means faster loading which is an important factor in major search engine ranking algorithm.  You can use give below online websites without compromising to the quality:


    • Scale the image to proper size:

    Scaling the image to proper size is very important for seo and user friendly interface of website.  For example an image of 2000X1600 pixel is resized to 400X320 Pixel that is not logical thing to do on professional website, because the whole picture still requires to load. Make sure you scale your web images as required size.

    Conclusion: In this Blog post I tried to concentrate on Image optimization because it is still a huge impact on your website organic traffic and retain users .
    Hope you enjoy reading this blog post

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