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  • How to Kick Start an Affiliate Marketing Business in 8 Easy Ways

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    In my previous article, I had provided the details about Affiliate Marketing Business and its functioning. This article is a step forward. It guides you to kick start your Affiliate Marketing Business in 8 easy steps. Happy reading :)  



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    An affiliate marketing business is one of the least expensive and fastest ways to make money online. It gives you the flexibility to choose what to promote and how to promote. It is a great way to boost your income from the convenience of your cosy home. Fortunately, it’s easy to become an affiliate partner for a number of popular e commerce merchants.


    “Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. -Bo Bennet”


    Below are the 8 amazing steps that will help you to kick start your affiliate marketing business


    Choosing the Appropriate Niche



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    To begin with, you should ‘sell what you know’. Stick selling to only those product or services that represent either your occupation or current interests. For example, if you are an expert web designer, it makes more sense to sell a hosting service than it does to sell a comforter set.


    Developing  a niche- centric website



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    Before becoming an affiliate partner, many ecommerce companies would like to review your website. They might analyze your website as you’ll be using it as a tool to market their products. Merchants do this because they want to ensure that no unauthorized practices are existing on the website, which might hurt company’s reputation.


            Dedicated and Effective Research



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    Browse and search for the affiliate program that offers services or products that suits your niche.


    • Flipkart sells almost everything, it’s possible that your forte includes the products that are sold over Flipkart. It's a great place to start your affiliate marketing campaign.
    • Clickbank is another amazing option that is liked by a number of marketers. Probable reason is its lucrative commissions.
    • Commission Junction is yet another option as it allows to you to partner with a number of companies like Office Depot, Boscov, Overstock, etc.


         Joining an Affiliate Program



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    Joining an affiliate program is as easy as a pie. In most of the cases you are required to just accept the terms and condition and register to the affiliate program. It is almost free of charge. If you are being asked for your credit card details, you might be getting scammed. Majority of the revered merchants, do not ask for any fee. However, you can be asked about the Paypal information or bank account details and that’s absolutely fine. Do provide the URL of your website, if asked.


         Linking Affiliates to Your Website



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    This is where the real action starts. Till now you have made the preparations, readied the grounds, now is the time to for the assault. Affiliate network marketing starts with adding an affiliate link. It is one of the great ways to get rewarded without appearing to sell anything. When the readers click on the link they are redirected to the merchant website and, if they buy a product, you will get rewarded.


    For example, if you are writing about fashion and it includes jeans, make a sentence on ‘women’s jeans’ and integrate a link of Flipkart’s website that offers jeans for women. Readers will browse through Flipkart’s website and might make a purchase.    


       Using Interactive Visual ads




    You can utilize your website’s sidebar to showcase the visual ads for the the targeted products and service. Companies will provide you with all the relevant images so that you can easily showcase them over your website. Its as easy as copy and pasting a code to your sidebar.


      Content Expansion and Consistency



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    If you want your visitors to keep coming back to your website, it is very much essential that you write quality content consistently. The more content you produce more affiliate links you have, your visitors might click on the hyperlink and purchase something.


        Using Analytics to Measure Success



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    Fortunately, a majority of the affiliate sites provide helpful analysis. You can consider analytics as the information about what, how and whom are you selling. You can also set up google analytics for click tracking and understanding the demography. Focus on the posts that get you more visitors, it is beneficial to to add additional affiliate links on those posts. Pay attention to the ads, the analytical tool provided by your company will let you analyze which tool is working and which one is not. Eliminate the ones that are not working.


    It takes 15 minutes to start an affiliate business marketing, you should give it a try. By following some smart strategies and disciplined performance, you will get successful. I hope this essential guide on how to grab and kick start an affiliate business opportunity, will get you started. Thank you for patient reading.



    Let me know how did you find the article, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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