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  • How to Introduce Magento on AWS - The New Method

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    Magento is certainly a well known open-source CMS (content management system) quite useful for all e-commerce websites. Both sellers & and Magento developers admire its flexible framework, scalability, architecture plus the ability to customize almost everything as per the requirement of the customer and manage back end operations flawlessly too.


    Magento on AWS

    Magento is an amazing platform that has helped many e-commerce websites. AWS lets you establish the right infrastructure to assist Magento deployment properly and in an affordable manner on AWS Cloud.


    Cost and Licenses

    The deployment starts Magento Open Source easily & automatically to be set up in a configuration as per your preference. Well, when you are using the Quick start deployment reference you will be handling the expenses of AWS services.



    You will be charged no extra cost for just utilizing Quick Start. The cost varies based on the compute configuration of the cluster and storage you deploy.


    AWS Services

    The primary AWS components that Quick Start uses comprise of the below mentioned AWS services.


    Amazon VPC

    Amazon VPC (The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud) service allows you to get isolation and private AWS cloud section that lets you launch AWS services along with additional resources in a safe virtual network which you wish to set up.


    You gain complete control over the virtual networking zone you have set up like selecting IP address of your own and setting its range, creation of subnet, configuring route tables as well as network gateways.


    Amazon EC2

    Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) service helps you start virtual machine instances using a range of operating systems. It is easy for you to select from the range of current AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) or just import your individual virtual machine images.


    Auto Scaling

    Auto Scaling contributes in maintaining incredible availability and control the strength by increasing/ decreasing instance fleet of EC2 automatically. Auto Scaling can also be used to operate your own fleet at maximum utilization by accelerating the instance capacity at demand spikes and reducing capacity at down times.

    · Elastic Load Balancing

    · Amazon ElastiCache

    · Amazon EFS

    · Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)


    AWS CloudFormation

    IAM—AWS Identity and Access Management

    Amazon RDS—Amazon Relational Database Service


    Installing Magento on AWS Cloud

    Amazon Web Services offer a flexible, secure and reliable cloud computing products to thousands and thousands of customers. In case you won an ecommerce site, use Magento on AWS then you don’t need to look back as you get a stress free experience. You are rest assured that you own an ecommerce store which can be easily scaled according to the growing business needs in future as compared to just Magento AWS.


    Undoubtedly, Magento is the most effective and reliable ecommerce software. It allows you to set up your ecommerce store according to your preferences to match your business needs.


    Well, it is still important to know that having just the right software alone is not going to help. Yes, you also need a perfect hosting platform too along with the right Magento framework for your store.


    Cloud ways provides the most effective cloud hosting platform which makes it even simpler for any Magento development company host the Magento on AWS cloud.


    Magento Developers find it easy to host Magento on AWS servers with the help of Cloudways within a single click.


    Why Cloudways for hosting Magento on AWS

    The professional Magento 2 development services also find hosting easier as Cloudways provides the Magento installation on AWS cloud with a single click.


    For many people hosting directly on AWS may come as a challenge. Well, Amazon operation is SysAdmin based which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


    Here Cloudways comes into picture with its amazing—Platform. With Platform, it becomes easy to launch software that is pre-configured successfully for example Magento on AWS cloud.


    Ecommerce store rely on performance

    When it comes to ecommerce stores, what matters is its performance. Amazon has given utmost importance to performance and thus invested huge sums of money in data centers to offer amazing infrastructure to all Magento owners.


    With the impeccable strengths, integration and blend of Magento and Amazon on Cloudways platform, you get the page loading time at lightning fast speed and also get maximum store performance Also, the uptime of Amazon AWS cloud set up is 99.99%. It means you website is going to perform at its best almost all the time.



    Flexibility is the crucial factor that cannot be ignored when it comes to AWS on Cloudways. When you utilize Cloudways platform for hosting Magento on AWS, it helps you scale the server as and when needed. There is no need to think about the flood of traffic that comes in to your Magento store at holiday season.

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