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  • How to Improve your Web Design and SEO Ranking Hand in Hand

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    The internet has become one of the most trusted source online. Almost all types of small and medium sized companies around the world are creating a website to showcase their business online. Having a business online isn't sufficient, rather you need to make your business visible on search results, so that users can find you online and get converted into a happy customer. 


    Read below 10 Powerful Ways to Improve your Web Design and SEO ranks, so that users may find your website online easily, find it interactive and start doing business with you.


    1. Javascript Engaging Animation. Engaging web animations will produce a great web design and an even more positive visitor on page experience. 
    2. Meta Tags. Correct meta tags will search engines to recognize your website and rank it in the correct category.
    3. Sitemap and Rss. After finishing your website and updating your new blog post, create a sitemap and rss file and submit your sitemap inside google webmaster tools for quicker page index.
    4. Feedburner Submission. Feedburner is a great tool for RSS. Create a free account with feedburner and submit your RSS feed.
    5. Responsive Web Design. Millions of people around the world browse the web on different devices, a responsive web design will auto scale and satisfy all users on all devices. Remember to add a viewport tag to become mobile friendly!
    6. Related Page Content. To boost your SEO score, remember to have relating page content. What does this actually mean? If your company is legal related, only have legal related content on your homepage. 
    7. W3 Validation. Websites that have 0 errors are much more favored and often known to perform much faster. The W3 validator tool is an amazing tool which will identify errors and recommend how to fix those errors .
    8. Google Webmaster Tools. Sign up for google webmaster tools and start tracking your websites progress! 
    9. Marketing. Marketing will increase brand identity and company exposure online. 
    10. Color and Design. Vibrant colors and modern design will impress web visitors! 


    Use the 10 ways provided above to improve your current web design and seo ranks


    Article by: LV MTJA 24 top ranking las vegas web design firm.

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