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  • How to Ensure Perfect Balance in Logo Designing?

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    Logo is the most essential business symbol that customers will see before buying any product and acquiring service from a website. Having an emerging and branded logo would give endless results. Today, logos have distinct purposes:

    • They engage potential customers.
    • Helpful in conveying a business message to the targeted audience.
    • An emerging tool to develop brand identity.


    To create a logo that looks perfect, a key factor to maintain in it is, “balance”. A balanced life is more important for us, similarly, all elements must be balanced in a logo to give it an innovative or perfect touch. Making an unbalanced logo is the mistake that majority of designers make as they are unaware of balancing techniques. In regards, a grid is helpful in edges’ smoothness in a logo. Another tick to balance it is to make it in a vector format. This technique helps in logo scaling of bigger sizes by keeping its sense of proportion.


    But, the question is, how perfect balance will ensure in a logo? Don’t worry, we will discuss here. Let’s start our discussion!


    Ensuring a Perfect Logo

    Impact of balance

    Balancing has a major impact in making a logo effective or ineffective as every logo has own visual weight. For example, color and fonts are two distinct elements. If one is made improper, then definitely it will dominate its impact on other which creates design imbalances. The balance is essential to keep viewer’s eye to be focused on a logo. Imbalance logo will make difficult for the viewer to focus on it and even the message it has to convey won’t completely accomplish.


    Balancing is creating disturbance among the design elements to maintain a magnificent and valuable visual appearance! That’s why adjusting regarding visual appearance refers to the typeface, contrast, etc.


    Symmetrical balance

    In a symmetrical balance design, the weight of every element is visually right or evenly distributed. This means that every element should corporate other elements that can be horizontal or vertical. If you draw a straight line in the middle of any design, then both halves of the image would be equally distributed (no matters shape is regular or irregular). 


    Balance in Asymmetry

    An Asymmetrical design can also be balanced but its balancing is different from symmetrical. Unlike Symmetric designs, the elements in the asymmetrical design are not of same size. To make it balance, the smaller elements should be placed far from the Centre of the design composition. In regards, the smaller elements will appear far from the larger which shows the proper balance even in an asymmetrical logo. You will see these technical tricks in most professional designers or designing services providers, Logo Venture, etc.


    Elements to Be Balanced

    Now, move ahead. After demonstration of common balancing mistakes, below are the elements that would be balanced accordingly.



    Color balance must be employed in symmetrical or asymmetrical both. Employ bright color in a small area with a dark color in larger area.



    This should be perfectly done by employing complex details on one side and other details on another side.



    Ensure to regulate elements’ position in your logo. Similarly, employ different sides to larger and smaller elements.



    Texture balance is ignored by some designers. Focusing on this area will also grab viewers’ attention. However, it would go wrong when by creating a larger area on the other sides for flat elements. A larger area with no texture and a smaller area with impressive texture would be employed to make it balanced!


    These are some common elements who are critical to balance but, by implementing the above-mentioned tips you would definitely grab the viewers’ attraction through perfect balance or in short, towards an impressive logo.


    About Author:

    Amanda is the lead content strategist at Route66 Design Inc. Love to write on various technology topics.

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