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  • How to Do Guest Blog Posting in a Tactical Way

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    In this post, we are going to talk about how you can write guest posts a tactical way. Let’s jump right to the meat. You are writing guest posts to get known, to get traffic, to get readers. Just to get more popularity. I know that guest posting is a so good tool when you are trying to build your audience. It can build up traffic, credibility.


    I think you should try to publish as many guest posts as you can. Just be sure not to burn out, you should always know your limits. If you are comfortable writing 1 blog post each day, then do that. If you like 1 post every second day, then go for that.


    The thing is that you shouldn’t write too much, so eventually later on you will burn out. The first priority should be your blog and marketing your blog that is definitely #1. Then you can when you have written today’s blog post, then you can go for the guest post or anything else after that.


    Remember content is what drives a blog

    This was a bit of a sidetrack, but I just wanted to make sure you shouldn’t go out and market your blog, without writing the content. So when you have written your blog post then write the guest post.


    When Writing a Blog Post

    The first thing when writing a guest post is: you should look at the blog you are about to guest post on, look at his content. How long is it, what are the topics (then you know what fits his readers) and then try to “copy” those things.


    When you do that, you should write an article that fits the blog, it should definitely be quality. Give away your best articles, that is what you should do when you write a guest post. Quality, quality and quality. So the only thing is not the post. You need a bio line. These are important, that is the lines where your blog link is. It should be an appealing and descriptive text of you and your blog. Much like an elevator pitch.


    It might be a good idea to talk with the guy, before submitting the post. Talk to him and ask if it is okay if you send him a guest article? And if he says, yeah sure. Cool then you’re in his little club. After some hours when you have written the post, give it to him. Be sure you have proof read it. It really is important. That everything is good here.


    The Day After the Blog Post

    Now this is when we start getting more tactical. You already know the kind of stuff he is producing, what kind of content.


    The last cause, “what kind of content” is important.


    Because after you published the article, people will stream on to your blog and they will read more of your content because they liked it so much.


    And you want to satisfy them, they want some good content. Therefore, you do need your next blog article to consist of nothing but quality. The same way that your guest post was. Not only the quality way, but also the “kind of content” alike. So, they if his content is quite techy, then your next blog post should also be techy.


    Then people will subscribe, the days after the blog post you should keep doing this a few days after. Then you will be able to gain some readers from that guest post, instead of just traffic for a couple of days.


    Take care, just study the audience you are about to post for, before posting.

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