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  • How to Create a Responsive Web Design

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                        Responsive Web Design



    Responsive website


    Responsive web design has become a household term. A responsive website is must if you want to have a user-friendly website as it provides users with the optimal viewing experience. Responsive design enables your website to fluidly adapt to different screen sizes. The design automatically adjusts itself as per the screen size of the user, be it desktop or mobile. One can check if a website is responsive by resizing your browser window. The content is always optimized for the relevant screen resolution.


    In the below image you can see how the images are properly scaled to the size of each window.



    Why Responsive?


    The world is not limited to the desktop computers. People are evolving and so is the technology. Mobiles, smartphones and tablets are in trend and they have shifted the internet usage from PCs to these handheld devices. You should ensure that you websites are compatible with these smart devices. It gives a positive viewing and browsing experience to the user.


    This isn’t limited to the users, Google has started giving priority to mobile-friendly websites in its search results algorithm. As a result, the site analysis tools have also come up with a mobile configuration which analyse the compatibility of your website on mobile phones.


    How to create a Responsive Website?


    Now we know all about a responsive website. But the question comes, how to make a website responsive?



    Responsive web design uses HTML5 and CSS3.  So all you need is to have is the knowledge of HTML and CSS.  Below are a few points that are important for you to know before creating a responsive website.


    Layout : The first element to look out when building a responsive website is the layout. You have to create a responsive layout for your site keeping both mouse and touchscreen users in mind.


    Media : Add media queries according to the W3C. It allows your website to look good on all kinds of display. You have to apply the code to your website to make the embedded images and videos responsive.


    In any doubt, you can go for the tutorials that are easily available on the web. There are plenty of free and paid pre-designed themes and layouts in the market that does the work for you. If you are not a designer buy nature then there are many companies which offer web design services in affordable price. It’s all up to you. You can avail the service from any of the responsive web design company to create websites which are made for every screen size.




    A responsive website design is extremely important for growing your customer base online. If you want to have one site that is accessible for different devices, then responsive design is the right choice for you. Now you can yourself decide if you want to make different websites for different devices and write different codes for them or just a single site with single code to run your website on all devices.

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