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  • Yes, now a days Google Keyword Planner is more intended towards paid ads marketing because now Google only show the exact value of monthly visitors for a specific keyword to those users who are running an Ad campaign. For Free users, Google is showing only the range of monthly visitors. However keyword planner is still reliable among other free tools available in market and will give desired results based on the skills of researcher. Choosing a best keyword to deliver desired results always dependent on following factors:
    1. Great business understanding
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. Human behavior knowledgeable
    4. Understanding of Audience/Niche 
    5. Don't underestimate long phrase keywords
    6. Look for geo-targeted keywords
    7. Analyze what solution an end user is looking for from your business
    8. And finally great SEO skills required to apply all those

    Here are some Alternatives to keyword research for SEO :

  • Hi, Ankur

    Google Keyword Planner Tool is good for starting research & quality keyword can have big impact. It is a great tool & mainly used by business owners & marketers.

    Google Keyword Planner provides the data around the search queries & other resources. It is a tool that helps to build social network campaigns & choosing competitive bids & budgets.

    Google Keyword Planner focuses  :

    • Search for new keywords using a phrase or category
    • Get search volume data and trends
    • Adding keyword lists to get new keyword

    There are some limitations of the google keyword planner tool which can affect the traffic of the website.

    • Google doesn't show all the keywords we want to see & search for. It is important limitation of the google keyword planner & affects the keyword search.
    • Misspelling & variation in the keywords affects the search.
    • Choosing accurate keywords & comparing similar keywords become difficult because it shows same search volume for both the terms.

    Some best alternative to keyword planner such as :


    7Search :

    It works similar to Google keyword planner & easy to use. 7Search tool main focus on monthy searches. It gives a great opportunity to plan a long tail keywords which helps to generate more traffic to the website. It also gives an idea of how much money need to spend for pay per click.


    Long Tail Pro :

    Long tail keywords plays fundamental role in competitive search environment. It is popularly known for its speed & can generate 800 keywords in single search. Search results includes number of backlinks, keywords usage & domain age.


    Bulk Keyword Generator:

    This tool helps to find local keywords for the customer search. It can generate as many keywords as user want. This tool can export the search results to CSV sheets. It is basically deals with Local SEO. It includes following steps:

    • choosing business type.
    • Service & locations.
    • Keywords.

    Seed Keywords:

    Seed keyword tool approach & working is different as compared to other search tools. It works as


    • It creates the scenario for search query.
    • It gives unique url to the contact list.
    • It helps to identify the terms real people searching in search engines.
    • It helps to increase the search volume on blog post & business pages.

    Term Explorer:

    Term explorer gives the highest volume of profitable & relevant keywords. The search is divided into 6 columns such as :

    • Keyword
    • PPC
    • Avg monthy searches
    • CPC
  • Hi Ankur,

    Google Keyword planner is an official tool, offered by google ,which provides an estimation of traffic, on relevant keywords, and also help in finding more niche keywords for your need, but it is not enough to use only google keyword planner for finding keywords, as most niches do not have a constant value for searches. 

    The alternatives you can use for Google Keyword Planner are:- 

    Keyword Discovery - It is one of the oldest keyword tools existed and pull search data from the widest list of search resources. 

    KWFinder - In this tool Keyword searches can be focused in five different countries or most of the world’s most popular languages. 

    7Search - It was one of the world’s first PPC networks.

    For other alternatives to Google Keyword Planner, Check here>> Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner 
  • Hi Ankur,

    You are correct, Google keyword planner tool is designed with Adwords advertisers and PPC and there are lots of features in the tool such as keyword bidding, but this is not useful for you. Basically, this tool especially work on paid advertisement PPC (Pay Per Click), from here you can get the idea that which keywords highly searched in the previous month, and where is your target audience. If you are doing keyword research for your website and trying to find best keywords for your website, then you need to pick up other free and paid tools apart from this. Below are some alternatives that you can opt for.

    1. Semrush

    The SEMrush Keyword Research feature provides you with well-tried and tested keywords—the ones that help your competitors and industry leaders website's rank in Google's and Bing's top results.

    2. Keyword Tool

    With the help of this tool, you can easily find the best keyword separately on different search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and Youtube etc.

    3. WordStream

    Here you can find your target keywords easily for Paid Advertisement (PPC) and organic both.

    You can get more information about keyword research- Conquer Keyword Research with These 10 Tools

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